Adwords PPC Click Fraud Monitoring Software

Setup takes just 2 minutes

You need to register for a free account and to add in the system the website(s) that you need to track. Tracking Code must be implemented in all your website pages before closing HEAD

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14 Days - FREE TRIAL

After signing up with ClickBrainiacs software you would get 14 days free ad tracking to try our system and to see if you have fraudulent visitors. After that period please consult PRICING Page

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Automatic IP blocking/unblocking

To minimize your efforts, we decided to integrate as many automatic procedures as possible (IP blocking & unblocking), but you would also be able to provide manual (on-click) actions.

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ClickBrainiacs Stop & Prevents Adwords Fraud Automatically

Detecting user, bots, automatic blocking & unblocking of IP addresses

Why use MyClickLab

ClickBrainiacs.Com is a unique software developed to stop and prevent adwords fraud before it happens. We developed it as a security extension for Adwords and PPC Platforms. With us you will have better chances to increase the number of conversions for every dollar spent with your payed ads.

  • Adwords & PPC Click fraud detection & prevention
  • Monitoring all incoming traffic (mobile and desktop)
  • Set rules for automatic blocking/unblocking IP addresses
  • Posibility of manual blocking/unblocking IP addresses
  • Email Alerts for suspect/blocked IPs
  • Real time reporting dashboard


  • The first step is to create a 100% free acount on
  • You must use a valid email address because you will receive a confirmation link.
  • Please check also Spam folder

*NOTE: If you don’t receive the validation email please contact the support

add_websiteAfter you will confirm the account you will have acces to the dashboard where you must add the website address that you want to be tracked.
You will be able to :

  • set rules for suspect IP addresses
  • set rules for automatic/unblocking IP Blocking
  • alerts for suspect/blocked IP addresses
  • insert_tracking_codeAfter adding the website address our system will generate a tracking code.
    That code must be inserted in all your website pages before the closing tag HEAD ()

*NOTE: for properly working the tracking code don’t have to be altered or modified.

  • receive_reports If the tracking code were correctly installed in all your website pages, ClickBrainiacs Software will start to collect data and generate reports.
  • You will be able to see the full reports in Dashboard.
  • The system will automatically block fraudulent IP Adresses

We are continuously working on developing

and improving our click fraud solution

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ClickBrainiacs is a click fraud detection, prevention and protection software. Our software protects your Google Adwords Campaigns and can save you up to 50% from your monthly budget.

If you start to use our services you will have better chances to increase the number of conversions for every dollar spent with your payed ads.

The members of have successfully passed their Google AdWords exams to demonstrate their AdWords skills and knowledge. We also set up and manage adwords campaigns and ads and in a world with more and more ppc marketers we realized that is more than necessary to develope and improve a software that stop and prevents click fraud.

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Our software name is: Click Brainiacs and it is compatible with the following operating systems: Windows 7, Windows 8, Windows 10, OSX, IOS, Android, Linux and the Software Categoy is: software as a service with a price starting from $ 15 with landiong page -

Start using our services now - 100% FREE for the first 14 DAYS, no credit card or contract needed.