Google’s 4 ads above the fold and the evolution of click fraud

10:08 11 April in Blog

Google made a lot of interesting movements regarding the presentation of information in the latest years, and their main objectives always seamed to increase their revenue generated by Ads (or sponsored listings). This was the reason related to the extra snippets in the search engine results page, that were pushing the top organic down under, and this was certainly also the case with the top4 ads in the area above the fold. But also, keep in mind that the presence of the 4 ads above the fold was not the only thing that Google implemented, as they have completely removed the...

What is Click Fraud?

12:00 26 March in Blog

If you are using paid advertising such as Google AdWords you need to protect your website and your paid ads from click fraud. If you are a victim of click fraud techniques your daily budget will be exhausted quickly and will prevent potential clients from reaching your site, which also means that you will loose conversions. Click Fraud is a black hat technique used in pay per click services and it appears when a person , an automated script or a bot imitates a real user in a web browser clicking on a paid ad with the purpose to exhaust daily...

Adwords Remarketing Campaigns

11:51 26 March in Blog

All of us wish to invest less in our businesses and obtain maximum results..but this is not possible all the time. For those of us that are using advertising campaigns obtaining conversions with a lower cost per acquisitions had become a rush gold. Remarketing campaigns can significantly improve results of advertising campaigns (and here we include: search engine optimization, pay per click, social media etc.)   What is Remarketing Campaign? Remarketing is a new type of adwords campaign that helps advertiers retarget people that already visited your website.  Is a fact that over 90% from the visitors leave websites without making a conversion.  Remarketing...