Click Fraud Detection Software - ClickBrainiacs- click fraud detection & prevention solution
Click Fraud Detection Software - ClickBrainiacs- click fraud detection & prevention solution
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Click Fraud Detection Software

Click Fraud Detection Software

14:58 05 March in Blog

Combating Click Fraud should be every advertiser’s priority this year. This malicious behavior has become more and more popular throughout the last few years and has become a real plague for the online environment. We all know how difficult it is to develop a new brand online. The market is oversaturated with new and small brands thus making it harder and harder to survive without a really good marketing strategy behind you.

But what can you do if your marketing budget is absolutely destroyed by a fraudster that creates a click bot to harass your ads? Or if the ad provider himself clicks on the ads that are displayed on his website just to drive up the prices? The only answer is using a click fraud detection software.


How does a click fraud detection software work?

Even though major names like Google started combating click fraud using certain techniques, these are not always enough or foolproof. Let’s take for example the way AdWords identifies fraudulent clicks. It has a three-partite system that supervises all the clicks that your ads receive. Using real-time filters, Google checks to see what exactly happens on your website after one of your ads is accessed. Then it employs a further analysis to try to discover unusual or suspicious click patterns. The first two steps of this investigation are managed by a complex set of algorithms, thus being two automated processes, but the third and final step of Google’s click fraud investigation system is managed by the Ad Traffic Quality team, this being the only human component of this entire system.

Even though it all sounds nice, Google’s investigation methods are not as effective as the search engine giant makes them sound. Budgets still get depleted fast, competitors still can destroy your marketing strategy and solutions don’t appear as fast as you would need them to. This is why, several third-party developers, like ourselves have created efficient solutions to prevent click fraud and to help our customers keep their PPC budgets safe.

ClickBrainiacs, click fraud prevention software

Our click fraud prevention software was created from the get-go with one idea in mind, to combat click fraud effectively and to minimize the damage this malicious behavior does to our customer’s AdWords budgets. Thus, we created a software that works non-stop, 24/7 and that can track the performance of your ads in real time without any delays. Our team of software engineers and online marketers can see exactly how your ads are behaving, if you get a spike of clicks in a short amount of time and what that spike means. We can block IP’s faster and more efficient than any other software on the market, and using the latest technology our click fraud prevention software can also automatically block IP’s based on rules that you can create on your own.

The ClickBrainiacs click fraud prevention tool is easy to use and as a proof of concept we offer our software free for 14 days, just to show you it’s capabilities! ClickBrainiacs, try it now and reap its benefits! Let’s stop Click Fraud together!

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