How to improve conversion rates with Adwords - ClickBrainiacs- click fraud detection & prevention solution
How to improve conversion rates with Adwords - ClickBrainiacs- click fraud detection & prevention solution
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How to improve conversion rates with Adwords

How to improve conversion rates with Adwords

14:12 11 January in Blog

What is the purpose of everything? Get your visitors into email subscribers and ultimately customers. So how can Google Adwords help you improve your conversion rates?

Today, we are going to talk about click-through rate, negative keywords and the customer-first approach.

1.Click-through rate – the online door the customer must open
The efficiency of your ads comes down to how many people clicked your ad and visited your landing page. The more the merrier as they say and the higher chance they will make a purchase. How to be efficient while advertising on Google AdWords? Understand that Google leadconversions-56a7dc245f9b58b7d0ee8ae8search ads and display networks play different roles and serve different purposes. Once you have that clear in your mind, you are able to craft better messages for your targeted audience.

So, how to make click-through work better for you? Here are some ideas:

Use title capitalization in your ad copy, test different keyword match types and, last but not least, figure out where your targeted customers are in the marketing search funnel.
Just one important detail about the last one. If customers already know the product, go straight to keywords that will drive income.

2.Negative keywords – a unique conversion type
You want to state your message clear in the ad copy and meet the needs of the users.
Studies have shown that negative keywords can have a positive effect on your Google AdWords conversion rate.
It’s simple to integrate them in Google Adwords. Just add the negative keywords to the “New negative keywords list” tab. The results? You will be more relevant to your targeted customers, increase your conversion rate, reduce CPC and grow revenue.

3.Customer-first approach
It may the essence of things, that got lost on the way through lots of reports, graphics and data. A way to implement the customer-first approach is by using Google Display Networks. Here, you can add audiences to your ad groups.

How can you better target your audience? Get to know their most important interests and analyze demographics. Then send the right message to the right people at the right time through Google Display Networks.

Do you want more traffic on your site? Google AdWords is an effective tool that can help you achieve this goal if you wield it wisely.

Claudia Verestiuc

[email protected]
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