Landing pages tricks for better conversions - ClickBrainiacs- click fraud detection & prevention solution
Landing pages tricks for better conversions - ClickBrainiacs- click fraud detection & prevention solution
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Landing pages tricks for better conversions

Landing pages tricks for better conversions

11:17 12 January in Blog

One product, one message, one goal. This is the way a landing page works best to drive better conversions.
Landing Pages are a very significant element of your PPC marketing strategies. They are the first step towards the conversion funnel. In addition, landing pages can turn visitors into customers and boost sales.
But, not all the landing pages have the potential of fetching high conversions. Optimization is the key that determines whether your landing page will drive sales, or whether it will nowhere.

Landing pages tricks for better conversions
1.Eye-catching headlines
The headline is the ice breaker, the first element in your landing page that grabs the attention of the visitor. That is why it should be eye-catching, relevant and concise.

website-conversionsFor the purpose of relevance, the headline of your ad copy and that of your landing page should complement each other.
Think of the headline as a movie trailer and the ad copy of your landing page as the movie. You certainly don’t want the trailer to be better than the movie.
Don’t forget to test several headlines!

2.Images and video do wonders
Try to insert images that show day to day activities or habits so the customers can relate to them. Apply this tactic if it’s relevant to the products you sell or the services your offer.
To make things even more clear and appealing to users insert images that show the benefits of your product. It goes without saying that you should use high quality images. Tie your headline with the image because the right image merged with the perfect content will initiate more conversions.
On the video part, you can use demos to portrait the benefits of your product, or explain the service you are offering.

3. Benefits before features and along with them emphasize the USP
When crafting your landing page tell visitors up front what are the benefits for them if they buy your product. The Unique Selling Proposition, or USP for short, tells people what makes you different from the rest. When stating the main message, USP tries to convince people that your product is the best solution to the their problem.

4.Insert a state or urgency
Using words or phrases that create a state of urgency work on a subliminal level. People will be more inclined to take an action even in situations when they don’t really need the product right now. The landing page should be the push they need to purchase. Do not let a visitor give your product or service a second thought.

Landing Pages are of vital importance in your PPC marketing strategies. They are the ones who are always in a race to gain the attention of online customers. Try these landing pages tricks to be number one!

Claudia Verestiuc
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