Frequently Asked Questions - ClickBrainiacs
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What is Click Fraud?

Click Fraud is also know as PPC Fraud it appears when someone (like a competitor, other person or a boot) clicks on your payed ads repeatedly to waste your daily budget. If your daily budget is wasted your ads will no longer appear under certain search topics, allowing your competitors to gain a strong advantage.

Doesn't Google prevent click fraud?

Google does detect click fraud, but does not prevent it. Instead, Google will give back credit to your account days after the fraud took place and only after you claim it. The immediate result would be that your ad budget would be exhausted and your ad will not be online for hours or even days. In addition, Google’s click fraud characteristics are identical for all advertisers.

While 5 clicks from the same IP address in a period of a day is completely normal for one advertiser, another might see this as nothing but click fraud. ClickBrainiscs will keep your ad online and will configure the service to suit your business needs.

How does ClickBrainiacs stop click fraud?

ClickBrainiacs can be used in a number of ways to combat Click Fraud.

  1. ClickBrainiacs send you an email alert when an IP si considered suspectly.
  2. ClickBrainiacs can be configured to automatic block IP addresses that are considered fraudulent.
  3. ClickBrainiacs can be configured to automatic block/unblock IP addresses.
  4. ClickBrainiacs can be used to create detailed reports that will help you provide a compelling case to Google Adwords Fraud Team that you have actually been the victim of Click Fraud and deserve a refund.
  5. ClickBrainiacs identifying javascript disabled boots
  6. Clickbrainiscs identifying clicks from proxy servers
  7. IP Location: country, region and city.
How Fast do you block a fraudulent IP address?

ClickBrainiacs system monitors all you incoming traffic (desktop and mobile). When our system detects click Fraud the IP is Blocked instantly.

How many landing pages dows you support?

ClickBrainiacs supports an Unlimited number of landing pages for each domain tracked.

How many ad clicks do you allow to be tracked?

Clickbrainiacs supports an Unlimited number of clicks on your payed ads for each domain tracked.

How much Clickbrainiscs costs?

ClickBrainiscs is FREE for the the first 14 Days. Atfer that, the price is 15$/domain. We offer better prices for many domains or ppc agencies. To learn more, please consult our pricing page or you contact contact us.

How can I start ?

To get started immediately, click here for a free 14 day test-drive account. Your account will be activated immediately and you will be sent complete instructions via email on how to start monitoring your ads.
You will must add a tracking code in all your website pages before the closing HEAD.

How can I Make a payment?

You can acquire a monthly plan by paying us with PayPal.

There are any API calls limits?

*Also, there are a couple of limitations due to the AdWords API calls limit.

  • there are a maximum of 200 API calls each day for each website added in the system – this means that we can block up to 200 IP addresses in a single day – if you need more than this amount you will need a to pay extra 15$ for each additional 200 API calls.