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Licensing & resellers program

Licensing & resellers program


Our B2B program allows partners throughout the word to license our software solution and to built their own solutions, use their own pricing policy,  own support levels and particular features. By using our platform, anyone can start his own SaaS business in less than a week.


Imagine the YOU could offer our solution under your own brand, with all the necessary customizations on a profit-share basis. You only need to pay the fees associated to the: server hosting and administration costs.

We also wish to offer our partners the chance of having exclusivity no their local markets, which cames with a small cost.

  1. Currently unavailable markets(due to exclusivity offered to our partners): Poland, Latvia, Romania


What you get as a partner?

Also, please keep in mind that at this time we can also offer exclusivity related to localisation in the following countries/markets: Indonesia, Brazil, Nigeria, Russia, Japan, Mexico, Philippines, Ethiopia, Egypt, Germany, Iran, Turkey, Franc

1. Annually Tax of 400 EURO.

a. The exclusivity guarantees that we will not sell anymore the SAAS B2B but don’t cancel the presense of as B2C.

2. Montly tax of 60 EURO and that includes:

a. 10 websites profiles
b. Dedicated Web Hosting
c. Support in maximum 24 hours
d. All Futures Updates (1 update montly).

3. Extra 1 to 100 websites, you will be billed with 6 Euro/website.

4. Extra 101-400 websites, you will be billed with 5 Euro/website.

5. Extra 401+websites, you will be billed with 4 Euro/website.

6. Your ADWORDS MCC will be connected with ClickBrainiacs MCC.