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Click fraud detection and prevention software.

Adwords PPC Click Fraud Monitoring Software

Setup takes 2 minutes

You need to register for a free account. Then you will have to add the website(s) that you want to track in the system. The tracking code must be implemented in all your website pages before closing HEAD.


After signing up with WiseVision software, you will get 1 YEAR OF FREE TRIAL ad tracking to try our system and to see if you have fraudulent visitors. After that, you can check out our PRICING Page.

Automatic IP blocking/unblocking

To minimize your efforts, we decided to integrate as many automatic procedures as possible (IP blocking & unblocking). Also, you will be able to easily provide manual (on-click) actions.

Decentralized network

Why use Wisevision

WiseVision.com is a unique software developed to stop and prevent adwords fraud before it happens. We developed it to act as a security extension for Adwords and PPC Platforms. With us, you will have better chances to increase the number of conversions for every dollar spent with your paid ads.

Adwords & PPC Click fraud detection & prevention

Monitoring all incoming traffic (mobile and desktop)

Set rules for automatic blocking/unblocking IP addresses

Possibility of manually blocking/unblocking IP addresses

Email Alerts for suspect/blocked IPs

Real time reporting dashboard


The first step is to create a 100% free account on WiseVision.com. You must use a valid email address because you will receive a confirmation link. Please also check the Spam folder


Add Websites

After you will confirm the account, you will have access to the dashboard. Here you can add the website address you want to track.


Install Tracking Code

After adding the website address, our system will generate a tracking code.
That code must be inserted in all your website pages before the closing tag HEAD ()

*NOTE: for the tracking code to work properly, you must not alter it or modified it.


Check & Download Reports

If the tracking code is correctly installed in all your website pages, WiseVision Software will start to collect data and generate reports. You will be able to see all the complete reports in the Dashboard. The system will automatically block fraudulent IP Addresses


Pay Per Click Fraud Detection

WiseVision Stops & Prevents Adwords Fraud Automatically

Detecting user, bots, automatic blocking & unblocking of IP addresses


JavaScript Tracking

With our state-of-the-art JavaScript tracker, we are able to do real-time monitoring of your website visitors and ad-clicks.

JavaScript disabled tracking

JavaScript disabled tracking or no-script tracking is able to identify the boots that are accessing your website and also the boots that are clicking on your ads.

Real – Time Reporting

Like the tracking, the reporting is done in real time. This make our system very responsive in its objectives of quickly blocking click fraud.

Email alerts

As an option – you can receive alerts every time an IP clicks more than once on your ads or every time an IP is getting excluded from your ads.

Automatic IP Blocking

Once a fraudulent IP is identified, we are able to automatically block it from all your active AdWords campaigns.

Automatic IP unblocking

As Google AdWords only allows 500 IP addresses to be blocked at certain moment, our system is also able to unblock/un-exclude IPS.

Manual blocking/unblocking

If it’s more convenient for you to manually to block/unblock the IP addresses, this option is available for you.

On demand feature requests

Do you want features that are not implemented yet? Well…just ask for them! We will do the task evaluations and let you know when they will be implemented.

Dedicated Support

We are proud of our high level of support. We can help you with code integration, troubleshooting, click fraud questions. Just ask us.

We are constantly working on developing and improving our click fraud solution

We also offer unique partnership programs


Get in touch, we will be happy to help!


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WiseVision is a click fraud monitoring software service. Our software was developed to detect, stop and prevent adwords/ppc click fraud.

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Licensing & resellers program (earn money by selling our solution under your own brand)

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