Adwords Remarketing Campaigns

All of us wish to invest less in our businesses and obtain maximum results..but this is not possible all the time. For those of us that are using advertising campaigns obtaining conversions with a lower cost per acquisitions had become a rush gold.

Remarketing campaigns can significantly improve results of advertising campaigns (and here we include: search engine optimization, pay per click, social media etc.)

What is Remarketing Campaign?

Remarketing is a new type of adwords campaign that helps advertiers retarget people that already visited your website.  Is a fact that over 90% from the visitors leave websites without making a conversion.  Remarketing is a service offered by Google Adwords that helps advertiers to show their ads in Google Partner Network to the users that aleardy visited your website.

There are 5 types of Google Adwords Remarketing Campaigns:

  1. Standard remarketing: show ads to your past visitors when they browse Google Display Networds and Google Display Applications
  2. Dynamic remarketing: show dynamic ads to your past visitors with products and services that they accesed on your website. For example: if someone search on your website for and ”Iphone 6s 32GB”, you will serve ads with “Iphone 6s 32GB”.

This kind of remarketing is recommended for the websites have hundred of products or services.

  1. Remarketing for mobile applications: show ads to users that aleardy used your mobile applications
  2. Remarketing lists for search ads: show ads to the people that visited your website and now they are looking for are you selling/offering
  3. Video Remarketing: show ads to the visitors that interacted with your videos on Youtube. You can serve them ads in GDN, Youtube, Websites and Applications

Benefits of Remarketing Campaigns?

  • First of all a remarketing campaign help you to bring back users that entered on your website without making a conversion. You can reach people when they are most likely to buy your products or to use your services.
  • Brand Exposure, using remarketing campaigns you can serve yours ads with custom grapfics to te end user. In the GDN (Google Display Network )It is recommended to use graphics ads instead of text ads because you will have a better CTR.
  • Lower Cost per Click – remarketing ads have a low pay per click costs, you can serve ads even with 0.10$ CPC.
  • Increase ROI – Increasing your conversions number will lead to a faster return of your investment and a lower CPA (cost per acquistion)

I will put a video below that will show you how to set up a remarketing campaign:

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