About ClickBrainiacs

ClickBrainiacs.com has been working with pay per click platforms such as AdWords since 2007. Our goal is to help you save money, prevent click fraud, and see the Pay-per-click model work in a fair and equitable way the way it was meant to be without manually, automatically or boots fraud. ClickBrainiacs.Com is a software that complements anti fraud filters of Google AdWords Services.

What is our objective

Our ultimate goal is to develop and license SaaS software solutions and as a short-term goal, to develop the most advanced click fraud prevention system – also we are planning to offer new AdWords features (as click capping, audit tools and more).

Actual development stage

As the main features of this software solutions have altready been implemented, we are currently in the testing & polishing phase. Besides our AdWords integration, which is 100% done, we need as most free testers as possible in order to detect exceptions, to identiy and clear bugs and also to add a couple of new features. Your input is also important – so, if you have any questions or requests, don’t hesitate to contact us.

Tracker development0%
Interface & ease of use0%
Reporting system0%
AdWords integration0%
Blocking rules0%
Product testing0%
Tracking Incoming Traffic

If you correctly installed the unique tracking code in all your website pages our system will start collecting data and generate reports.


We recommend installing the tracking script without alterations – also please keep in mind that you will be able to choose between a SSL-enable (secured) tracking script, if your website is using https, or the normal http tracking script. If you are not using https we recommend using the non-SSL script.


ClickBrainiacs software is able to track incoming trafic for all devices(desktop, tablet, smartphone) and generates the reports in real time.

If you want/need to know more about our tracking script and methods please use our contact form.

Automatically Blocking/Unblocking IP Addresses

Using the rules that you set up in your dashbord our system will detect fraudulent click on your payed ads. Our system can identify manual clicks, automatic clicks, javascript disabled boots, software developed especially to do fraudulent clicks.

Advantages of ClickBrainiacs technology:

  • no need to stay alert all day and night
  • detect and immediate block fraudulent IP Adresses
  • receive email alerts when an IP Adress is blocked in your payed campaign

Note 1: You can use ClickBrainiacs software without “Automatic IP Blocking” feature but you is a very big change to have a BIG FRAUD INTO YOUR ACCOUNT until you can MANUALLY EXCLUDE IP ADDRESSES in Google AdWords excluded IP list for each adwords campaign.

Note 2: if you use “Automatic IP Blocking” feature and set up a 3 click limit for each IP Adresses, you will be well protected and after the 3th click, our system will automatically block fraudulent IP Address in all your adwords campaign.

IP Localisation

Our tracking solution includes IP localisation in our reports, which means that we are able to generate correct reports related to the country of origin of a certain IP address and also regarding the city.


We are curently using MaxMind GeoIP database, which we update on a 6 month basis. Using our reporting dashboard you will be able to sort thesuspect IPs by Country and also by City.


In the future we also plan in introducing a report related to the geographical areas with the highest number of suspect and blocked IP addresses.

Current features

We already implemented most of the basic functions and features of our click fraud detection & prevention system, as bug-tracking and system polishing are our main current concerns. At this moment you are able to use  one of the best click-fraud detection systems as low as for 15$/month per website with the first month FREE. Also, the following features have been implemented:

  • 24/7 real time tracking
  • Robots tracking
  • AdWords integration for IP block/unblock
  • automatically block IP addresses after a number of clicks
  • automatically unblock IP addresses after a number of days
  • receive email alerts
  • check live reports
  • dowload Excel and Pdf reports
  • manual block/unblock of IP addresses
  • support for unlimited websites

Set Up Rules

Every business is unique so that’s way we let our customers to set up rules for automatic blocking/unblocking IP Adresses.


Login in your dashboard with the username and the password choosen when you created your account. After you are logged in you must add the website domain(ex: domain.com) and start setting rules:

  • Rules to automatic exclude IP Adresses after a number of clicks (ex: 3)
  • Rules to automatic unblock an IP Address after a number of days (ex: 30)
  • Rules after an IP Address is considered suspect (ex: 2)
  • Rules based clicks and hours (ex: 2 clicks in a 1 hour period; 3 clicks in 1 hour period)
  • Rule to identify and block javascript disabled boots.)

This rules can be modified anytime, by accesing “IP Blocking setting” from your dashboard.

Email Alerts

In your Dashboard you will be able to set up if you want to receive email alerts when suspicious activity is detected in your adwords account.

If you choose to be alerted you will receive email alerts when:


1. an IP Address is cosidered suspect.

For example if you set up suspect email alert at 2 clicks, after you receive 2 clicks from the same IP Address you will be instantly alerted.


2. an IP Address is automated blocking in all your adwords campaign.

For example if you set up automatic blocking option at 3 clicks, after you receive 3 clicks from the same IP Address, blocking will be instantly and you will be alerted.

Full Reports


If the tracking code was correctly implemented our system will start to collect data and generate reports. You will be able to see the reports in your Dashboard.

ClickBrainics generate reports for:

  • Latest Visitors & Ad Clicks
  • Java Script Disabled Clicks
  • Daily Ad Clicks
  • Suspect &Blocked IP Addresses List

ClickBrainiacs Reports contains:

  • URL address
  • Access Date
  • IP Address
  • Referral
  • Country
  • City









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