Bloggers & Reviewers Program - ClickBrainiacs
Bloggers & Reviewers Program - ClickBrainiacs
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Bloggers & reviewers program

Bloggers & reviewers program


If you are interested in reviewing our software, just let us know!  If you post your reviews online, for example, on your blog, we will give you a free account!


Basically, you will get a free account (unlimited) with all our current and future upgrades! All you have to do is write about our software solution, describing the functionality and also stating your opinion about it. You can write any type of content. It can be an article, a blog post, as long as the subject will be related to MyClickLab.


Best practices & recommendations for articles:


  • You can use print screens from our application
  • The content must be original (we will verify it)
  • The content can be written in English or in your native language
  • You can also post a case study
  • We recommend sharing the article on Social Media


*Please note that writing 2 articles related to our software solution will not get you free tracking for 2 websites

**We are also looking for people who can write materials related to PPC, AdWords and Bing Ads. If you are interested in a collaboration, please contact us.