Google Mobile-first indexing – it’s here! – Are you ready?

There have been rumors for the past year that Google will implement in 2018 it’s mobile-first indexing strategy, but now it’s here! Today with the help of ClickBrainiacs, you will find out about how to prepare for this next revolution!


Let’s find out what is mobile-first indexing, and to achieve this our friendly search engine giant explains what’s up. Google says it’s all about how it’s spiders crawl the web, how the giant indexes websites and how it ranks them. If before Google preferred desktop versions compared to mobile ones, do to the increase in traffic from mobile devices like smartphones, or tablets, now, it’s attention is directed towards mobile pages now. In the past, website owners preferred to use a simplified version of their main website as their mobile one. Users complained that they did not find all the information on the mobile version as on the desktop one, or that the functionality of the mobile version was way sub-par. Taking notice of this and do to how popular smartphones and other mobile devices have become, Google has decided to index mobile versions of websites first so that it will determine website owners to take better care of their users and visitors and create responsive versions of their sites.

From now on you will have to make sure that you will show all your content on both the desktop and the mobile versions of your website and that you will not take any shortcuts and make the mobile version of your website responsive, user friendly and full of relevant information that will help the user navigate and find out all the information he needs about your products or services.

You need to get to work now, if you implement this new philosophy fast, you will be able to stay one step in front of your competition, if they prove to be a bit lazier. Site owners will see a greatly increased crawl rate from the famous Smartphone Googlebot and they will also see notifications in their Search Console directly from Google that they have started implementing mobile-first indexing. So stay sharp and remember to take good care of your mobile users!

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