How to market your Start-Up online in 2018 – Part 4

In the previous articles we talked about how you can use the power of Search Engine Optimization, AdWords and Facebook to gain that upper edge over your competition when marketing your new business online. But what if you want to really make a name for yourself in the great online environment? Then Youtube is the place to be! By the end of this article you will learn all there is to know about creating a channel for your business on this great platform and how to be king of the video content!

Creating your new Youtube channel is quite easy, you just need to login to the platform, click the gear icon situated in the top right corner, enter your brand’s name and presto! Your channel is now active! However, there are a few more tweaks you will need to make. First of all you will need to choose a cover photo that is related to your brand and that has it’s name written on it. You can use the banners you have on your Facebook Page so that the transition between these two social media platforms is easy and the user recognizes your brand easier. You will also need to fill out your channel’s description and your profile. That way, anyone that is not familiar with your brand can get all the information he or she needs about you and your products.


Before you start populating your channel with content, you have to create a good strategy for it. Use Google Analytics and Facebook Insights to create a persona related to what your target demographic looks like. You will want to know exactly how to create your videos so that they appeal to them better and that they will make your audience absolutely addicted to your awesome content. Don’t cheap out here! Youtube is a great way in which you can stand out in front of your competition only if you provide your audience with professional content! Also, you will need to create a channel trailer in which you show your audience exactly what they can expect from your brand when it comes to Youtube content.

Optimize your videos!

As you may expect, Youtube works much like Google when it comes to search results. There are a lot of metrics that you will have to follow during your days as a video content creator on this platform, however what is crucial to know is how optimization works on Youtube.

You will need to title your videos according to Youtube Keywords (you can use a lot of free online tools to identify them), create a good description that also uses keywords and do not forget about tags! The greatest tip I can give you related to this is the following: check out your competitor’s tags and add at least two from them. That way, if a user watches your competitor’s video, your content will appear in the suggested tab on the right of the screen.

To make sure that your content stands out on the platform try to stay away from video thumbnails that have too much white, red, or black, these being the main colors found on Youtube, if you use them your content will only blend in with the other search results.

Youtube needs a lot of effort and thought to show results, however, a Start-Up with a great Youtube channel will more traffic, more conversions and will become popular faster than the competition! Youtube pays out big time, try it out!

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