Adwords 2018 – changes that will come

What is your main goal? To maximize your Google Adwords campaigns in 2018! Adwords started implementing some of these changes in 2017, but will surely refine them and introduce new ones in 2018.

Let’s take a lot at some changes that will occur in Adwords 2018:

Google Optimize – landing pages with no code skills required
Google Optimize will now integrate with AdWords. So what does this mean for you?
It will be easier for you to create versions of landing pages and as Google says: then apply them to any combination of AdWords campaigns, ad groups, and keywords. All of this with no coding required!

google adwords 2018

Your Youtube Ads will get location extensions
Again, how does this benefit you? This feature helps those whose online business have an offline store or, better said, a physical store.
It will help on different levels according to the user’s knowledge and engagement with your brand, from strangers to loyal customers who now know you also have a physical store. Either of them cam drop by now and make a purchase if you are close to them or in their way.The new location extensions will appear beneath your Youtube Ads.

In-Market Audiences meet the Search Network
The role of In-Market Audiences is to help you discover which customers are closer to sealing the deal, meaning to make a purchase.
Now, Google using the synthesis of search query data and activity analysis, will help you find your targets on the search network.

Days to conversion metric
You may be familiar with this feature found in the new Adwords UI or maybe you just recently decided to start using it.  It’s not exact math to know how long an ad takes to lead to a conversion, but “Days to conversion” helps you understand what ads lead to conversions and what ads lead to nowhere.
So, what does this feature actually do? This feature estimates how many days you can expect to wait between an initial click and the eventual conversion based on prior campaign performance.

AMP Ads and Landing Pages for Search & Display
Of course, we couldn’t forget about mobile
In today’s world, you need fast landing pages because people are in a hurry anywhere and have a limited span attention.
To boost the speed of your page Google offers you AMP landing pages.
What is more, Google has also unveiled Display ads for AMP pages. What does this do? Google says is loads up to 5 seconds faster than regular Display creative.

A new year can be a tricky business for you online business. So, stay informed about the changes that will come in Adwords 2018. This way your Google Adwords will have more chances to succeed!

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