Google Adwords mistakes

When you are diving in tons of data, trying to make sense of them and, in the end, use them in a creative manner, sometimes mistakes can be made. How to stay on top of things and create successful Google Adwords campaigns? Be informed, stay informed and repeat.

Let’s get straight to the point. Are you making these common Google Adwords mistakes? It’s time to stop!

You are not grouping your keywords accurately
Google Adwords can work efficiently for you. Meaning that it allows you to create campaign ad groups to manage different types of campaigns. To be witty and productive split your ads and keywords into ad groups.
It’s common sense. Think of your customer. People will click on your ad if the ad copy is closest to their keyword.


You haven’t set up the right keyword matches
In Google Adwords you will find four different keyword match types: broad match, broad match modifier, phrase match, and exact match.
How to use them correctly and beneficial in your Google Adwords campaigns? It depends on your keywords, the type of business you have and the type of customers you want to target.

In one scenario, phrase and exact matches often provide a higher conversion rate. The downside? It can drive significantly fewer impressions. In another scenario, broad match will deliver more impressions. Unfortunately, the disadvantage implies that users may wind up in the wrong place because the terms are imprecise.

Be informed and try to accurately understand your data because the type of match you use will have a big impact on your ads.
What is the safe path when it comes to keyword matches? Begin with exact match and steadily drive your way to phase two phrase match, and phase three broad match, if it suits your business and the profile of you customers.

You are not guiding users to the proper product or category page
Don’t direct people to the homepage where they will have to start all over again to find the product they want. If people clicked your specific ad they should wind up to a landing page or a product/category page depending on the message of the ad. So, make sure the page people land on matches the ad copy they clicked!

There are lot of elements to take into account, but if you fit them accurately, you will be able to optimize your Google Adwords campaigns. We hope that these common mistakes in Google Adwords have never existed and will never exist when promoting your business.

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