How to choose the best AdWords bidding strategy?

Adwords bidding strategies serve different purposes and can lead to different results. Depending on the goals of your business you will choose the right bidding strategy in Adwords. Do you want to increase your brand awareness? Generate traffic? Driving conversions? Or maybe, increase the interaction with your ads?

adwords bidding strategies

Let’s take a look at some Adwords bidding strategies:
1.Target search page location
So, your goal right now is to increase your brand awareness? Then you have reached the right place! The main concerns of this bidding strategy include ad position and visibility. Therefore, AdWords automatically increases or decreases your bids to show your ads on the top page of Google Search Results. Target search page location is effective with keywords, ads groups and campaign targeting the Search Network Only.
Target search page location offers you two options: top of the first search results page or anywhere on the first search results page.

2.Maximize conversions – the perfect choice for your business in specific periods. For instance, when you want to launch a new product or, the other way around, your objective is to sell the leftover products. This type of bidding strategy demands you to keep on eye on things and set up a separate budget for your campaigns.

3.Enhanced CPC – if your aim is to achieve more conversions in AdWords from manual bidding, then this is the strategy for you.
How does it work? It automatically adjusts your manual bids for clicks that have the potential of getting converted into a sale or lead.

4.Cost per view bidding– You work with a lot with content video? Then the best option for you is cost per view bidding.
To considered it a suitable view, Google takes into account the length of time someone watches your video (at least 30 seconds) and the interaction he has with it.
In this type of bidding, you will need to pay for video view and interactions like the clicks on the Call-to-Actions. Furthermore, you will have to prepare your ad group in a TrueView Video Campaign.

How to choose the best Adwords bidding strategy for you? Understand the personality of your business and the goal or goals you want to achieve through your Adwords campaigns. Good luck!

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