Tips to increase Google AdWords PPC conversion rate

Adwords is still in first place when it comes to generating the highest conversion rate and ROI. That sounds like good news, doesn’t it? Your efforts and creativity invested in building Adwords campaigns have not been in vain.
But increasing the conversion rate, while reducing the cost per conversion, is a complex process.


That is why a little help never hurt anybody. Let’s take a look at some Google Adwords tips that can boost your Google AdWords PPC conversion rate:
Go back on the purchase path
Understand the needs that online customers may have. Depending on the personality of your business take into account that these needs can vary across the year.
Once you accomplished this step, the next action implies going back through the purchase path. After you’ve chosen your desired end result, select your keywords, write your ad copy and make your landing page eye-catching to achieve the end goal of a conversion action.
Why should you do this? To acknowledge the way customers are shopping and create the strategy for your AdWords campaigns.

Think of remarketing as a conversion rate optimization tool
According to AdReady, retargeting is the most effective ad display strategy of all.
Remarketing talks to undecided people. It may be the push they need to go back to your store and make a purchase. This approach will save you time and money.
Remarketing ads can have an aggressive approach and follow users in different places because they have already displayed interest in your product.
If you want to increase the conversion rate, you will have to be consistent with the retargeting strategy.

Use A/B testing on your landing page
As experts have stated your ad copy controls your click-through rate, while your landing page influences your conversion rate.
Make your landing page attractive and relevant to your targeted customers. The design of your landing page is the key factor for your campaign’s conversion rate.
Let’s be clear, no universal recipe can help you here. That is why you will need to test your design until the landing page is high-converting. Once it’s high-converting, you will see improvements in sales.

The needs of your customers must be found, analyzed and understood. Following this path will help you increase your Google AdWords PPC conversion rate.

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