Is Click Fraud illegal?

Click Fraud is a well-known phenomenon that has started to become more popular throughout the internet nowadays. People that usually succumb to such a malicious method strive to drive up their competitor’s advertising budgets by clicking on their ads without any intention whatsoever of doing business with them.

Even though Search Engines know of this behavior and of it’s other forms, they are usually powerless in the face of hackers that ensue such methods. Google has developed a set of algorithms that try to identify fraudulent clicks and to stop Click Fraud in it’s tracks, but this solution is not always foolproof.


How can we stop Click Fraud?

The answer to this question will be given to you in two stages. The first stage comprises in the Click Fraud detection services that some advertising companies have started developing. Taking matters into their own hands, advertisers have started combating Click Fraud by creating algorithms and software of their own. One such software is offered by us, ClickBrainiacs. We use the expertise of our team to stop Click Fraud dead in it’s tracks. By monitoring constantly and in real time how our client’s ads are performing, we can ban straight away the IPs that try to drive up their budgets.

Not only we use custom software to solve these issues, we also manage your ad campaign to make sure that your goals are reached and that you are safe from any malicious actions from your competitors.

The other stage of the answer can be found in the world outside online marketing. Lawmakers in states such as California have passed laws that state that Click Fraud is actually an infraction that can be punished by law.

Click Fraud is a plague to the online world

To manage to stop this utterly disgraceful behavior, us advertisers must work together with lawyers and lawmakers to help make Click Fraud illegal. By keeping the online environment clean of such malicious behavior, we can all profit from the benefits that the internet has in store for us.

Let’s stop Click Fraud together, sign-up now for a free 14 day trial and watch our team of online marketing Brainiac’s work it’s wonders!

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WiseVision is a click fraud monitoring software service. Our software was developed to detect, stop and prevent adwords/ppc click fraud.

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