AdWords Tracking Software how it works and why you need it

A great number of news business have grown a lot with the help of Google AdWords. This great advertising environment allows them to maintain a high position in the giant search engine result list from the get-go.

Indeed, you could optimize your website greatly and make it reach that much desired #1 position organically, but that can take a lot of time. Time which new brands don’t have in this very busy and harsh online environment. That is why AdWords proves time and time again to be the best friend of new entrepreneurs that have the courage to launch a new business or product.

What is AdWords and how it can help you

With the help of AdWords you can create your own ads based on what keywords you want to promote your business. Let’s just say that you are selling “pink dresses”, when an user searches for these words on Google, the ad that you created targeting this phrase will show up. This usually depends on how much money you also bid for your app to show up on the top of the page and if your website is Search Engine friendly.

Your budget dictates if your ad shows up in the top of Google’s results, but also if it shows up at all. There is a catch here though, when your budget is depleted, your ad will not show up anymore. You will not be present on the first page of Google’s results. That is why you need an AdWords Tracking Software, to make sure that your budget is spent exactly how you intended, that you competitors are not driving up your ad costs and that your ads are actually performing well.

It’s a lot to take in, I know. There are a lot of variables to consider when it comes to building a great performing ad campaign, that is why we, the team behind ClickBrainiacs have something great in store for you. We have created a great AdWords Tracking Software that will monitor your campaigns in real time and that will help you make those life saving decisions when it comes to online marketing.We can track the IP’s clicking on your ads to see if the person accesing them really has the intention of doing business with you or it’s just a competitor that tries to disolve your budget faster. Even though there is no way you can track if a person calls your business after seeing your ad and not clicking it, we can track to see which users actually accesed your ad and then called to settle the deal. Tracking, analysing, adjusting, it’s what our software does to make sure that all our customer’s ads are performing well!

Our team of professionals will always be in standby in case your ads need adjustments and using their experience they will take care of your campaign to be sure that you get the best results out of your budget. ClickBrainiacs, for a safe launch of your new online business!

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WiseVision is a click fraud monitoring software service. Our software was developed to detect, stop and prevent adwords/ppc click fraud.

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