How can Google Adwords help you in the holiday season?

Google Adwords is one of your best friends in the online business. It’s represents the way you get in touch with your audience, attract their attention and get to know them better. Moreover, Google Adwords helps your business get results by delivering the right to the right segmented public. Everything sounds fine and dandy, but things get ever more complicated now that Christmas and New Years Eve are knocking on the door.

How cand Google Adwords help you in the holiday season?

   1.Think mobile, mobile, mobile!

Things can become a little hectic during winter holidays, people enter in “rush and impatient mode”, so the traffic on your site can become unpredictable.

The easiest way for customers now to do their shopping is via smartphones. So be extremely careful to be in the top results on mobile see. Why? Google says that these shopping ads gain up to 3X the engagement from users.Google has giving you a useful tool to help you see opportunities in the mobile experience, named absolute top impression share (ATIS). What is extremely important to know is that ATIS works perfectly for both fad groups and product groups, but also for campaigns.


Also use the Target ROAS Smart Bidding strategy that helps you automatize your bids and not be left out of the game when it comes to relevant queries. You will also have better chances to be first for queries that convert most. Results? The products you count on most to drive sales will be on at the top of the list

     2. Help customers by re-engaging with them through Gmails ads

Google has thought it threw and extended remarketing campaigns and dynamic remarketing ads to Gmail. This way you can be one step closer to your customers. You helping users by showing them a clear and direct path to your store and giving them ideas for presents.

    3. Link AdWords to Merchant Center

This way your product data will go along from Merchant Center to AdWords. Why is this important?  Because now you have the possibility to craft your Shopping campaigns to promote your products, drive more holiday clicks keeping a careful watch on the Opportunities section. Moreover, you can use dynamic remarketing to drive your Display campaigns.

The holiday season is a big league game. Although competition is tough, in this period you will be able to see how creative you are and how witty you have used your data.

Remember one thing, try to be as helpful as you can be to your customers!

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