Why do your Adwords campaigns fail?

If you don’t get to know your customer and his shopping behavior, the odds are your Google AdWords campaign will go downhill fast. What are the main reasons that can make a Google Adwords campaign fail?

  • You haven’t used properly the potential of your keywords
  • You don’t tell your customers about the benefits they have
  • Your conversion rates are poor
  • You don’t pay attention to your conversion tracking

You haven’t used properly the potential of your keywords – Choosing the right keywords is the foundation of your marketing campaign. How to avoid “mismatched” searches? Take time to look carefully at Google’s “Search Term Report” that can be found in your Google Adwords account. It will tell you what words people used in a search inquiry and what lead them to click on your ad.

You don’t tell your customers about the benefits they have – If you want users to become customers they have to know what benefits they will have.

Answer questions like:
Why is it good for me?
What can I do with it?
How long will it take me to…?
Where can I use it?

Make it clear for customers what are the benefits for them, then talk about features!

Why are your conversation rates poor? – You are not tracking your keywords as you should. A data-driven attribution model gives you the information you need about keywords: which of them lead to conversions and which of them are a losing hand.

You don’t pay attention to your conversion tracking – This means you are not using Google Adwords at its potential. As many have said the very core of this marketing channel is the conversion data from your ad campaigns. Be efficient and make things easy for you. Set up the conversation tracking from the beginning of the story and remember that an Adwords campaign will not be successful without it.

Crafting complex strategies can sometimes drive you away for the essence. So, don’t forget the basics. Understand your customers’ path to purchase and make the process as smooth as possible for them.

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