Things you probably don’t know about Google AdWords

Google Adwords is a powerful tool. If you wield it wisely Google Adwords will bring you glory, but it can also lead you to disaster.
Bear in mind, customers have become more and more savvy, they do research, compare products, read reviews etc. After they do these steps, be careful, limited span attention is what you are working against. That is why you have to craft your Google Adwords campaigns wisely.

Things you probably don’t know about Google AdWords

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1. The way Google Adwords works has changed
Conversation tracking in Adwords doesn’t tell you as much as it did before. Along with Google’s conversion tracking values, you must keep your eye on the big picture, meaning the overall business profitability.
People may look at your site while they are on the subway or bus, but they wait until they get home to make the purchase. Also, they might convert after clicking on a remarketing ad on social media.The point is it has become harder and harder to pin-point a conversion to a specific marketing channel.

2. Google offers new features? Stop and think before adding them

Don’t be so eager to get all the new extensions! Take your time to analyze them and think if they are suited for your business. The right extensions are the ones who answer to your business’s unique needs.

3. Google helps you generate banners for the display network

In Google Adwords you can find a free tool that creates banners. The generated banners use one of your existing text ads. Of course, they will have a standard look, but you have the ability to customize them and make them look more appealing.
This way, you can save time and money! And who doesn’t want that?

4.Use dynamic keyword insertion
A practical approach is to insert the keyword in the ad. You can choose in which section to do this. It can be found in the headline, the description lines, display URL or destination URL. It will help Google bring your business closer to potential customers.

People’s shopping behavior is in an ongoing transformation and it can be a challenge to keep up with it. That is why you should know all the tricks in the Google Adwords book.

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