Adwords strategies for winter holidays

Winter is coming! Or better yet winter holidays are coming!
This is when you have to be at your best. Craft the most alluring and effective Adwords campaigns you can! Customers are being assaulted by marketers every step of the way. So how can Google Adwords help you stand out of the crowd in the holidays?

Adwords strategies for winter holidays:

1. Insert a feeling of urgency in your ad
People are already in a hurry especially during the holidays. So, if you tell them to buy something now because they can find it for a limited time at that price, they will be more inclined as usual to take an action and purchase!
Google Adwords can constantly keep you in your customer’s face and never leave their sight!
The power of urgency inserted in your ad copy will drive more clicks because they address stressed and burned out people who need to find answers fast.

adwords holiday strategies

2. Free gift wrapping promotion                                                                                                                                                                                      You read your customer’s mind! The essence of e-commerce is to satisfy the customer’s need. So, what can be more helpful than free gift wrapping? Complete services can be the key to achieving customer satisfaction.
Include in your Adwords strategies the suiting words “FREE GIFT WRAPPING” and you will increase your sales.I know what you might be thinking. The option of free gift wrapping will require some investment. But you will stand out in front on the crowd because few online shops offer this service.

3. Remarketing ads might be more efficient than ever this time of year
For those not familiar with remarketing ads, this implies that a cookie will be inserted in the computer of visitors to your website. The role of this cookie plays is to serve ads to these same people using the Google Display Network. It can be considered a weapon of powerful targeting that works in the Google Adwords strategy.

Imagine this scenario. People who navigated for the perfect gift, now take a break to watch a video or read the news. They are starting to relax when your ad craws up on their screen. You might have caught them in the right mood now to make a purchase.
Therefore, what is the main purpose of remarketing ads? Bring back customers who have seen your product and persuade them to convert into a sale.

The holiday season is a real challenge for those who create Adwords strategies. To stay in the customer’s sight and in front of the competition at the same time can be a tricky business. Trust your skills, your copywriting and understand your data to come up with the effective Google AdWords strategy!

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