The importance of Adwords between Christmas and New Years

Be witty. Be different. Be inspired.  Advertise on Google Adwords in the two week period that covers Christmas and New Years. Why?
Think about it! It’s an opportunity to get ahead of the competition and get a head start in the new episode called 2018.

Why run Adwords between Christmas and New Years?

adwords importance christmas and new year

1. Less competition
As I stated before, see value where everybody else sees nothing.
Think about the fact that the Google Adwords bidding system never rests and acts like a live auction. Due to the fact that less businesses advertise in this period leads to less competition for positions. Let’s put it bluntly, this increases the chances to appear at a higher position on Google for a potentially lower cost-per-click.

Other benefits that can come when the competition is resting during the holidays are unexpected sales and staying in mind of the customers. If you think about the customers in the two week period that covers Christmas and New Year, then you might notice them looking back at you in January 2018 and making purchases when you run special offers.

2.Improve your Google Adwords factors
This is the time when your business and Google can get to know each other better and talk more.
Adjust your factors on Google Adwords so you can gain a higher position in the Google Ad Rankings when entering the new year. Think about it, if Google knows you better, he will place you on a higher position, which will lead to a higher click-through-rate.

What is more, if your ads show in a higher position over the Christmas period for the same cost-per-click, it is possible to increase the quality score of your keywords. What benefits can you gain here? It could mean a lower cost-per-click heading in to 2018.

3A constant activity on Google Adwords means you don’t have to restart from zero
Because many businesses pause their activity on Adwords this period, they will have do work harder when 2018 begins.
So, run on a reduced budget. Let’s say 5-20% of budget during normal business periods. A constant activity will put your business in a better light for Google than other businesses that have to switch back on.

We hope that you have understood the importance of Adwords between Christmas and New Years and make your business stand out of the crowd when 2018 comes along!

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