How can you improve your PPC campaigns using audiences (3 ways to benefit from audience targeting)

Your PPC campaigns are influenced by your targeted audiences. You get the pin-point the right people as they are navigating along the world wide web universe. Sure, audiences are linked to retargeting, display, and social strategies, but what if their benefits go beyond?

How can you use audiences in the search campaign strategy?

1.Remarketing Lists for Search Ads (or RSLA for short)
You already have people in the remarketing list, right? All you have to do is target them while they are still searching with your selected keywords.
How can you do this? You can leverage the remarketing lists in 2 ways
– Add the audience as a bid modifier layer to existing campaigns. In the platform, go to Audiences, add targeting and simply select the audience. Don’t forget to modify the targeting setting to Observation. This way your audience will act as merely an additional layer within the search audience.
– You target these users separately. All you have to do is duplicate your existing search campaigns. After that, all you have to do is select the Targeting option. The search campaign will still be effective, but segmented for the users you have chosen.

2. RLSA with Dynamic Search Ads
The retargeting lists can be merged with a different type of campaign, namely Dynamic Search Ads.
The role of the Dynamic Search Ads is to improve the reach of search campaigns and go further than the set of keywords you have already established.
When RLSA and DSA are set to work together, it will help you discover and stay connected to the users who are both in your lists, and searching with relevant terms that are not yet in your keyword list.
To set up these type of audiences, go to the Audiences tab in the interface.

3.After combining, you can also exclude audiences
It may seem counter intuitive, but depending on the type of business you have, you can use the option to exclude audiences.
Why should you exclude audiences? Think about it. You offer a service and you already got the information you needed from that person. There is no reason to convince him to click on your ad again, because things will become redundant (he will provide the same information) and you will pay twice for the same thing.

To set up an audience exclusion, go to Audiences tab. Here you will see in the top part Audiences/Exclusions. Select Exclusions and it’s a simple manner of adding the audiences you want to exclude.

If you want your lists to be effective, make sure the information is up to date. Take into account these ideas to leverage audiences in search campaigns. You may be surprised of the results!

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