How to make a Valentine’s day campaign on Google AdWords?

Valentine’s Day, February’s big challenge for the online marketing world. From landing pages, geo-targeting, to remarketing, keep in mind that you are addressing to men who are going to buy a gift for their lovers in the last minute.

How to make a Valentine’s day campaign on Google AdWords?
1. Mobile device targeting
This is the best strategy to drive sales before Valentine’s day. Of course, people will do a last-minute research on their smartphone.
Craft witty geo-targeted ads. Give the most alluring reason to click on your ad and give them the best answer (gift in this case) for their predicament.
2. Ad text
In your ad text use words like: sexy, lingerie, lover, chocolates, flowers, last minute deal etc. Use strong, yet soothing, call-to-actions like We Got You Covered. Ships Same Day, Surprise her / him.

adwords valentines day

People are in a hurry and might have been easily distracted from your website. There is still something you can do to bring them back and make a purchase.
Give them a special offer or a promotional code and insert them in a message that speaks to their current state of mind (What have you done? Things will be better 10% off).

4. The keywords bidding strategy
Bid strongly on the day before (13th February) and on Valentines’s day to attract the attention of men who have decided to buy a gift in the last minute. Raise bids in markets where demand is high to capture some traffic.
Go for automated bids for the most appropriate keywords s you get closer to the big day
Also, don’t forget about geo-targeting! It can bring a lot of people to your store’s front door, desperately looking for the perfect gift.

5. Landing page
On Valentine’s Day, your landing page copy is for men who are going the buy a gift in the last minute. Give him confidence, by make your landing the best solution for his problem. Using this approach, the higher the chances he will make a purchase from you.

When creating  a Valentine’s day campaign on Google AdWords, think about the state of mind your targeted audience is in and offer them a simple, fast and meaningful gift to save the day!

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