Do you want to improve your landing page conversion? (here’s 5 more things you have to do)

When you create a landing page, you should be aware of your targeted audience and their online behavior. This will help you “package” your product or service in the right message for the right people, reaching your main goal, more conversions.

Today, we will talk about 5 more tips to improve your landing page conversion

1. A strong call to action (CTA)
A call-to-action is like the last push we use to convert a regular visitor into our customer. Your call-to-action should state your message clear, appealing and tell people what need it will solve (the functional part).
Remember just one message or CTA per landing page. You want to keep things crystal clear for users.
To find the right combination of colors, placement, fonts, shapes for your CTA you will have to test, test and I maybe I forget to say test.
What would work best in your situation, a button of a form?

2.Explain how it can solve the problem
Your targeted users have entered your landing page, their attention span is short, how do you keep them here? Convince them about your actual value.
Tell users how exactly does your product or service solve the problem. You can state the message in your landing page through a graphic, a video or maybe a short explanation using bullet points. This way you will point out the value they will get by signing up.


3.Keep it short when it comes to sign up forms
It doesn’t matter if it’s about a signup field, or a newsletter subscription, ask people for only what’s necessary. A quick and simple registration process is the way to go if your want more conversions.
Depending on your business, you can offer them something in exchange once they have signed-up (like a guide).
Don’t forget to suit up your sign-up form with an appealing design to make it a user-friendly.

4.Visual content – when its needed
Visual content should be present in your landing page if it’s relevant and meaningful to your message. Once again, simplicity works in many cases and it’s appreciated by customers.
The benefits of using visual content to increase the conversion rate can be seen if:
explains the product/service in just a few minutes through a video, or an infographic
makes the message of your landing page more clear presents real examples of the benefits can lead to a better engagement

5. You don’t need navigation
Remove navigation from your landing page or don’t use it next time. Why?
You want to keep the visitor on track and sign-up for something. Let him know he has one mission to do once he arrives on your landing page. Don’t distract him with an additional menu, it may affect the conversion rate.

Creating successful landing pages is a masterpiece. You have to integrated a lot of elements using simplicity. To help you stay focused on the right track, always think about how can your product or service help people.
Don’t forget to check out the first part of the series, in case you have missed it!

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