Do you want to improve your landing page conversion? (here’s 5 things you have to do)

You want to stand out of the crowd, right? So, keep your landing pages on the user-experience approach. This way you will see better results in conversions.
A landing-page is crafted for a specific target audience, to attract their attention and convince them to become customers of your online business. Let’s take a lot at some UX tips that can drive more conversion rates.

How to improve the landing page conversion?
1.Less is more
There a lot of clutter in the landing page area. So how can you succeed? Keep things simple, because simple means staying close to the truth – being relevant to the needs of the user.
2. Put yourself in your user’s shoe
The online behavior of your targeted audience is the key to success if you want the most convincing landing pages. When creating your landing pages, try integrating the answer to these questions:
Who is your audience?
What’s the best way to communicate your message?
How will the product benefit the targeted users?
What would make users sign up to the service?
How can you increase the conversion?
A better understanding of their needs will drive them closer to making a purchase.
3. A simple and natural language
State the message simple, yet appealing. How? By answering the need of your customer with words that talk to him on an emotional level (words that drive an emotional impact). The most convincing message is relevant and clear.
Check out this image if how colors appeal to people!
4.Emotional design
We all know that marketing (including landing pages) is all about psychology. The keywords, power words and colors integrated in a landing page act on subconscious level. These simple psychological triggers can drive more conversions if placed strategically in the landing page.


5. A mobile optimized landing page
Yes, I know we are slowly and steadily heading for the mobile-first index. But for now, just make sure that your landing page is optimized for mobile. People and smartphones are together all day. Of course, your targeted audience will check out your landing page via smartphone. But what would happen if users were not able to see the message or CTA clearly?
Also, what would happen if the landing pages took forever to load? (in the mobile world that means just too much seconds). Bye-bye conversions!

An eye-catching, yet simple landing page, both in design and language, can keep you closer and more relevant to your targeted audience. Don’t get lost in the clutter with unnecessary bling-bling effects.

If you liked today’s tips for improving your landing page conversion, stay tuned and check out part 2!

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