Do you have a small budget for your PPC campaign? (6 ways to succeed with a small budget)

Proper planning counts more than a lot of money. The success of a PPC campaign is all about the strategy. The money is just doing what the strategy has told them.
A limited budget can also boost your creativity. When you have a small budget, you have to get creative in order to produce a big impact in your ad.

6 ways to make a successful PPC campaign with a small budget:

1.Set the most appropriate and realistic goals
What is the goal of your PPC campaign? Can I achieve it? Answering these questions will help you plan ahead and avoid over-spending.

2. Set a realistic budget
Numbers don’t lie. Start with the number of leads that you want to gain through PPC. How do you choose the appropriate number of leads? The factors that you should take into consideration are the goals established earlier and the resources. You should get one more thing straight before doing the numbers for the CPA (cost-per-action). Make it clear what truly acts as lead for your business.

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3. How to allocate your budget wisely
In your PPC campaign, a cost-efficient CPA is what tells you the most effective ads to apply your budget to. How can you lower the CPA? You will have to increase your conversion rate (CVR), while decreasing your cost per click (CPC).
Discover and concentrate on the ads that perform the best.

4. A well-documented keyword research
The more you invest in a thorough research, the more relevant the keyword research will be. Let us not forget the relevance factor. Choose the most popular keywords that speak the language of your target audience. Don’t overlook the long-tailed keywords that have better chances on convincing a more specific targeting.
As we are talking about obtaining the most effective results within a limited budget, you will need to analyze the keywords during the campaign. This way, you can appreciated what ads lead nowhere and get ride of them as soon as possible.

5.Save money with better targeting
Targeting means more relevant ads for your audience.  Why should you pay for broad match if all it does is waste your budget? Add them as negative keywords and concentrate on the most effective ones to drive better conversion.

6. Work on your AdWords quality score
As you may already know your AdWords quality score affects both your cost per click, but also the conversions. What can you do to improve your Quality Score?
– Craft relevant ads for your audience
– Research and choose the best keywords
– Create relevant landing pages for each ad
– Be relevant and creative in our ad copy to enhance your CTR
– Improve your reputation

The higher the quality, the lower the cost. Once you have created a name for yourself as a brand, you will pay less on keyword bids. Because the reputation will precede you.

The success of a PPC campaign is determined by the strategy, not by the budget. Invest time in a witty strategy and you will get big results with a small budget.

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