How to connect your paid search and shopping for better conversions

Paid Search and Shopping campaigns in Google AdWords have slightly different targeting tactics, but they have more similarities than differences. Taking advantage of these similarities will help you spend your advertising funds as efficiently as possible.

How to connect your paid search and shopping for better conversions


1.Find queries that drive conversions in Shopping and use them as keywords on the Search Side
Query reports shade light on negative keywords that can help you in your shopping efforts. How? Your ads will not show up in the searches that are not relevant to your business or are not quite the answer to your customer’s needs.
On the other hand, you can also find top converting query reports and add them to your search campaigns. All you have to do is download your keyword lists, and download a Search Term report with your shopping campaigns filtered. Here you can discover and highlight your top performing Search Terms.

2.Integrate top converting keywords on the Search Side into Product Names and Descriptions in Your Shopping Feed
Go through your keywords and relate them back to products. What are the keywords that drive better conversions? Once you’ve answered that question, it’s time to place them wisely in Product Titles or Product Descriptions.
What are the benefits of taking the top converting keywords on the search side and adding them to your shopping feed?

First of all, you will be talking in your customer’s language because you will have a better grasp on the terms he uses to find your products. The Product Titles or the Products Descriptions will be more relevant to the users because they will sense a better understanding of their needs.

Secondly, using keywords that convert well in the Product Title and Product Description will increase the chances of showing more frequently on searches that have proven to convert in the past.

3.How else can paid search and shopping help you when they are working together?
Use the search ad test findings to improve your product description in the feed. Once you acknowledge what the users want and the words or phrases they use in the searches, add them to your product’s description
It will seem that you have read their mind.

This way, you can speak to the user in a consistent manner across Search and Shopping advertisements. Moreover, it will help you gain a strong advantage in front of your competition.

What is the disadvantage of pairing Paid Search and Shopping?
This may appear when comparing shopping vs. search ROAS levels by category. In certain segments, some products may work better in the search area, while others in the shopping area. This idea can also be applied on elements like devices or demographics that are involved.

Let’s take an example. The cheaper the coffee maker is the better the ROAS on Shopping, but the more expensive the coffee maker is the better the ROAS on Search.
What do you have to do? Adjust the budget in the appropriate manner.

Used adequately, Paid Search and Shopping can lean on each other and make a better team for your business.

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