Do you want more successful AdWords campaigns? (try these 3 AdWords features)

What are some of the most underappreciated and overlooked AdWords features?
To enhance the performance of you Google AdWords try integrating (at least once) these AdWords features: Ad variations, Gmail ads and campaign experiments.

A great thing about an AdWords campaign is the personal touch. You must integrate the right message to the right people and all of this wrapped in a shiny ribbon.
But some for PC practitioners, AdWords has become a source of habit, following the same path and using the same features.  To give a fresh twist to your AdWords campaigns, try something new.

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Have you ever tried these overlooked AdWords features?
1.Gmail Ads
Let’s start with the path Google is going on.  The news is that Google is now allowing retargeting (and dynamic retargeting) in Gmail ads. So, you can’t overlook the feature of Gmail Ads anymore.
Your main goal is to drive sales. An eye-catching and engaging Gmail ad combined with a retargeting campaign will increase the chances that a user will convert into a client. Users in email have an entirely different context than on social media. Furthermore, Gmail Ads have the quality of being less invasive, which will score points in front of your targeted audience.
2.Ad variations
How can Ad variations help you? This feature allows you to test ad variations across your text ads at scale. Ad variations gives you the opportunity to test changes starting with headlines, going to descriptions and all the way to display paths. Is your business not relevant or not reaching people when it comes to searches? Ad variations is the way to go if you want to improve ad relevance and CTR.
Something important has not been said. Using Ad variations will give you one vital thing: more time. Why? Because the process of testing ad copy has been simplified.
3.Campaign experiments
Have you ever crafting and running at least one experiment? The harsh part of Google AdWords is that with variety comes numerous testing options. There is always something to test. Why should you try AdWords campaign experiments? It’s the starting line in the race for coming up with new strategies. It’s healthy and productive to have reliant strategies for AdWords campaigns.

But think about it. If the competition usually ignores these 3 AdWords features, here lies the opportunity for you to increase the performance of your Google AdWords campaign.

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