Voice search is growing in 2018 (the impact on your PPC)

The way consumers search and the way advertisers will create their ads will be influenced by 2 factors in the near future:
– Voice search
– Artificial intelligence

Siri, Cortana, Alexa and voice-controlled TV remotes have already influenced the user’s behavior and integrated voice search in their day to day life.

How to improve your PPC advertising for voice search?
1.Question keywords and a more natural language for phrases
Think like your customers. Think about how they will look for your product or service using voice search.
Because users will use a more natural language, the searches will most likely contain 10 or more words, expressed in the form of a question.
That’s good news! Why? Voice searches will lead to better conversions because users will get the results they were looking for.


2.Mobile voice searches – local based
Experts predict that Mobile voice search is more likely to be local-based than text search. It’s natural for things to be like that. Why? Because users are on the go while surfing on their smartphone.
Grab the local-based opportunity! Use keywords with a more human touch and place next to them the name of the street, city on country in your PPC campaigns. Test keywords like: In there a pizza place on the corner of 21st and 6th?
In addition, don’t forget to implement on mobile ad extensions such as Action Link, Call and Location extensions.
3.Intent will be better grasped
Natural language will make searches more intent wise and provide users with more personal and relevant results. Your PPC ads will appear in more relevant searches because Google will be able to understand if the user has a purchase intent.
In the future, voice search can be described in 3 words: personal, predictable and reachable.

– Voice is going to be personal because…
Today’s consumers expect more personal experiences. They know what they want and they expect Google to understand their needs. Even more than that, users will expect Google to provide results based on their lifestyle.
-Voice search is going to be predictable because…
Artificial intelligence will help users better understand what they are looking for. Even provide information they weren’t aware they initially needed.

-Voice search is going to be reachable because…
Our whole life is on the smartphone (even tablets and laptops). So, people will wantsearch results whenever and wherever they are. Voice search will makes the interaction even more relevant and the information reachable at any time.
Voice search will help your PPC campaigns by giving users more predictable and on the point results. More relevant means more satisfaction for the users and more conversions from your PPC ads.

Why is voice search here to stay? This technology is catching on because of how easy it is to use.

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