4 simple AdWords tips

A PPC campaign can be an efficient instrument to increase conversions and grow the revenue of the business.How does PPC marketing help you? Your products or services will appear at the top of the first page of Google on relevant searches. The result? PPC campaigns can bring more qualified leads to your website.

Take into account these 4 simple and sometimes overlooked AdWords tips when crafting your next PPC campaign:

ppc tips

1.A relevant landing page
Your PPC ad has to bring users to the front door (by clicking on it), but the ultimate goal is really about sales. Then the landing page picks up the job from here and tries to convert the user into a paying customer.
The message on your ad has to be the same on the landing page. This way, the users will know they followed the right track and not get confused.
If you keep your story straight by aligning your keywords, ad copy, and landing pages, this should improve your click-through and conversion rates while, in the mean time, lowering your CPC.

2.Use the right keyword match types
AdWords relies on user intent through keywords. To send the right message and try to anticipate the needs of your targeted customers, you can play with four types of keyword matches: broad match, broad match modifier, phrase match and exact match.
The products or services you sell and the profile of your targeted audience have a saying on which keyword match type to use.
For example, if it serves a general use, then choose broad match. But if you are addressing to a niche, then you can opt for exact match to increase the relevancy (fishermen know exactly what type of fishing pole they want).

3.Mobile-Optimized campaigns
It’s a mobile world out there! You can drive more qualified leads to your website by dividing your campaign or have a mobile-only campaign.
How can you make the right decision? The answer is within your grasp: the conversions.
One more important detail. CPC for mobile ads can be 25 percent lower compared to desktop-only campaigns.

4.Fine-tune bids for geotargeting
Concentrate on specific geographic locations. This strategy can help you better understand and pin-point where your engagement comes from.  Your business does not depend on your customers’ physical location? No problem! User needs, the weather or sessional events are the factors you can use to optimize PPC campaigns with geotargeted bids.

Adjusting your bids for geotargeting will help you save money (ads will not appear in unnecessary areas) and your product or service will become more relevant which can increase the chances of a conversion.

Successful PPC campaigns require hard work, a strong research and an in-depth knowledge of your targeted audiences. Done properly, PPC marketing can increase your business’s revenue.

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