Effective settings for a Google AdWords campaign (get things right from the start)

It takes hard work, brains and creativity to create and run Google AdWords campaigns. You want to get the motor running smoothly from the start.
The personality of your business, the products or services you sell, your targeted audiences, the time of year, are the pieces you have to jam up together in your Google AdWords campaign puzzle.
What are the most effective settings for your Google AdWords campaign?

1.Start with Search network

When you enter the AdWords platform you have five options: Search network, Display network, Shopping, Video and Universal app.
If you are a beginner in creating AdWords, start simple and effective with Search network. Once you have mastered this option, you can move on to other areas of Google’s networks.
The next move you make is check “All features”. This option will enable you to have access to every setting later on.

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2.Choose the most appropriate campaign name
The name should be meaningful and catchy at the same time. State the message clear if you want to attract the user’s attention.

3.Be wise with the networks
For the first-users, play it safe and turn this option off. If you do this your ads will appear only on Google’s main search pages.

4.The device option 
After your campaign is set up, you can make your call.

5.Don’t be all over the place and at once location wise
The personality of your business and your targeted audiences are important players in this section. If you have a local business start with your town. But if you’re your targeted customers are spread in different corners, choose your country.
The key is to start from one location and expand from there as your clickthrough rates and conversion rates improve.

Things are sensible here. Choose the main language or languages of your primary market only.
7.Bid strategy and default bid – of vital importance
If it is your first AdWords campaign, opt for manual bidding to have full control of your budget.
When it comes to the default bid, begin with the amount you are comfortable with. Anyway, you will have to adjust it multiple times over the coming weeks and months.

8.The daily budget
It’s a well-known fact. Google wants to spend 30.4 times your daily budget each month. Of course, the daily spend vary from day to day, but by the end of the month things will adjust.
This setting can be changed on the way. That is why you should choose a sensible figure.

9.Delivery method
Google can spend your daily budget in a Standard way or in an Accelerated way.
In the Standard way, people will see your ad 24 hours. Where as in the Accelerated way, starting at 12:01 a.m., Google will show your ads quickly, even if it means you hit your daily budget before sunrise.
The delivery method is all about adjusting it to the behavior and lifestyle of your targeted customers.

Leave them out for now.

11.Start – end dates and scheduling
It all depends on the nature and the goal of your AdWords campaign. Is it a time-sensitive promotion? Or is it holyday themed? Then you can choose the start date and the end date of your AdWords campaign.
Now about the scheduling part. This feature allows to turn off your ads at certain times of the day and even on entire days of the week. Yes, you can save money here, but take into consideration that conversion rates are usually consistent. So, it’s better to be in your customers attention on a daily basis.

Your Google AdWords campaign can achieve its goal with the most effective settings. Be witty and sensible from the start to ensure better chances of having a successful AdWords campaign.

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