5 tips to make Google Display Network work better for you

Google Adwords is an efficient tool, that gets your ads to people using different techniques. As most of you already know you can place your ads in Search Network and the Display Network.  Google Display Network helps you place your display ads on a huge network of sites across the internet.
Remarketing, attractive ads, ads in every format and the budget you have, are just a few tips to help you wield the Google Display Network sword.

Let’s check things out! 5 tips to make Google Display Network work better for you


It may be the most obvious tool, but it is also one of the most efficient. Remarketing ads go after people across the internet and remind them that they left your product behind. Remarketing is used to keep your past visitors engaged. It talks to people who have already shown an interest for your product.
Just give them a nudge with your remarketing ads!

2.Create ads in every format
No, it is not a waste of time. It’s a sign of respect for your brand, your products and your customers. Moreover, every format is of vital importance because you have
some websites will only support one format. You have to be prepared for all the situations! (that is if you want to drive sales)

3.Appealing, yet simple design wise
The experts in the business have stated: “ads need to be simple, visual, and easy to read.” That means your product must be star of your ads, without a lot of glossy details. Just elements that tell users where the product is from (inserts the logo in ad) and the price (or discount if this the case).

4.Don’t’ be a stranger to Managed Placement
You’ve given you ads an attractive design and made sure you’ve crafted them for every single format. Now, you must place them wisely along the internet by using Managed Placement.
Managed Placement gives you control and tells Google the sites you trust or are relevant to display your ads.

5.The budget you have
“Money talks, money talks”, that’s what an old song tells us. Begin with a sensible amount and separate the different placements into their own ad groups. Don’t forget to set aside some budget for testing purposes! Test the new features that Google releases from time to time. Keep only those that work for the personality of your business.

Google Display Network can work efficiently for you if you provide him with the right tools (catchy ads), relevant places to display them and the right customers to target.

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