Google Adwords for Startups

You are new in the field. You are fresh meat between the lions of the game. But being a fresh appearance can also be an opportunity. You can bring new and more appealing messages to your targeted audience. A great way to succeed in the process is to use the benefits of Google Adwords.

Startups may be hesitant at first to use Google Adwords because it can seem an expensive instrument and too hard to handle. But things are quite the opposite!

How to use Google Adwords if you are a Startup
1.Use only Search Network for now
Search Network will bring you ads to users who have searched for terms that are relevant to the keywords of your ads.
For example, if you online store sells washing machines, then your aids will appear to users who have the intention of buying a washing machine. Because you are new, keep things simple. Once you have mastered the Search Campaigns, you can take things a step further and use Display Campaigns to boost your visibility and exposure.


2. Select relevant keywords
The success of your Adwords campaigns is determined by the keywords you have set in motion. Keyword planner is the appropriate tool to help you in this process.
Apart from the right tool, what are the factors you should keep in mind when selecting the most relevant keywords?
– Think like your customers
– Select specific keywords
– Use different variations of your keywords
– Group your keywords by themes

3.Take into account negative keywords
The goal is to attract highly relevant search queries, right? Well, negative keywords get you the right type of traffic and saves you money from being wasted on irrelevant clicks.  Negative words will help you increase you CTR, improve your Quality Score, but also reduce your Cost per Click. You never would have thought that a negative thing could bring such positive results!

4.Setup Conversion Tracking
To increase the performance of your Google Adwords campaign you need to stay on top of the game. Be aware of what keywords and landing pages drive conversions. So, what can conversion tracking do for you? It helps you understand where the click came from and what triggered the user to convert and make a purchase.
That being said conversion tracking is the key to maximize the revenue from your AdWords Campaigns.

5.Opt for manual bidding
Manual bidding is the best option for you at this time because you have total control of the manner. Take into account factors like ad position, keyword performance, to adjust your bids.
Manual bidding offers you other benefits as well. You have total control of your budget and can make changes at any time.

The business environment is competitive, slick and savvy. If you want your business to grow healthy and become someone to reckoned with in time implement these Google Adwords tips for Startups.

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