The 2018 PPC trends (and the impact on your business)

PPC is in a continuous metamorphosis. Updates from Google, Facebook and other players are coming and coming, but the information is not faster and faster processed by people. So, how to choose the best PPC trends for your business? You have to adjust, so the key to not getting completely overwhelmed is to prioritize.

What are the 2018 PPC trends?

Google will turn on native ad-blocking in Chrome (This update is supposed to start on the 15th of January 2018)
What does that mean? Google is going to start blocking certain ads in Chrome. To be fully understood, Google will only block those ads that people think are intrusive and annoying. Furthermore, it will block ads that don’t respect certain standards established by the Coalition for Better Ads.


Voice search is here to stay
Artificial Intelligence (AI), machine learning and natural language processing are all going to rewrite consumer experiences. Searches will become more evolved and better meet the user’s inquiries.
How to describe the future of search in 2018?
Personalized results because today’s consumers expect more personal and better suited experiences.
Search will become sort of a predictive service that goes ahead and predicts the consumer’s needs. The results will consist of more personal, relevant answers, delivered from any device.

Get in the game on Amazon
This applies to eCommerce brands. If you are not on Amazon yet, get in the game and try Amazon! As with all things PPC, selling on Amazon will get more complex and it will be harder to implement all updates from the begininng.
So, you’d benefit from getting started now when things are still relatively simple.

Audience Targeting in Linkedin
Website Demographic is one the targeting tools that has the potential to grow its role in 2018. In the LinkedIn Campaign Manager, “Website Demographics” is the second tab at the top of the page. It contains professional targeting demographics like: job title, job seniority, company, industry, country etc. These elements can help you send your content to specific audiences. Then all you have to do is analyze what category of professionals and what type of companies are looking at your content.

AI (artificial intelligence) is going to become even smarter
We are to talk more about AI another, now we will just state the highlights.
The benefit of AI for brands consists of increased customer engagement, due to more personalized experiences. And the benefits of AI for users are faster information and becoming more efficient in solving tasks. Last but not least, because of a more personal experience, users will feel closer to brands.

Keep track of the 2018 PPC trends to help your business flourish and become someone to reckon with it!

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