How to boost post-holiday sales

It’s a harsh and gloomy time for eCommerce sites after the holidays. The main goal at the beginning of the year is to boost post-holiday sales. Let’s get at it, shall we? How to boost post-holiday sales?

Research and an easy check out process.
It’s takes wits, analytical and creative features to optimize the conversation rates. In your post-holiday strategy include: unique selling proposition, benefits, features, calls-to-action and social proof.

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The next question you may ask me is where to inserts these elements? Home page, category page or product page? Or maybe the checkout page?
The answer is research, research, research. Understand your customer’s behavior, what page or pages he visits and the pattern he is going on. When creating PPC landing pages, it seems much more simple to optimize a lead generation landing page than to optimize an e-commerce experience.
Make it simple and clear for people to use your site, to quickly find what they are looking for and provide them with a seamless check out process.

                                                                                                                                                                                                                                   Emphasize the price discount
After an agitated and tiring holiday period, people will be engaged to buy if they can clearly see discounts. It’s the mind trigger that will work in the post-holiday sales.
Show the original price with a color, the discount price with another color (most the times red is the perfect optional because it’s subconsciously telling the brain it’s a discount).
In this strategy to tell the user up front everything, also state the amount he would save with his purchase.
Also, if you can afford this feature, the words “FREE SHIPPING” should be located above the product image. People love free shipping!

Make the path to the products clear – search bar
How to increase conversion rates? How to drive more revenue?
Reduce the time and effort it takes users to find the product they looking for. Offer them a clear and seamless path.
Today, shoppers are informed and know what they want. Add to this recipe the ingredient called tiredness after the holidays. So how can you help them save time and energy? Increase this search bar utilization. If they can easily find what they desire they will more willing to convert.
It goes without saying that you must provide an intuitive search bar utilization experience both on mobile and desktop.
To put it bluntly, enhance the overall online shopping experience.

What are the best tips to boost your holiday sales?  Determine where your audience is coming from, which pages interests them and upgrade they’re buying journey. In the post-holiday period the keywords are clarity, guidance and discount.

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