What is growth hacking and how to use it?

The general rule of marketing is that you have to invest so that you can get something back. “To make money, you need money” that is the main idea, however, that is not always the case, not if you start using growth hacking!

If you want to build a really powerful brand online, then you will need to focus on four key elements, SEO, AdWords, Social Media and, Growth Hacking. We talked a lot on our blog about the first three elements, but not much about the latter, and now we will dive in this subject and try to show you a couple of great, cheap tricks that will drive up your traffic and conversion rate!


Growth hacking, hack your marketing strategy

Let’s just say that you created a really good product. You have something to offer to the world that it needs and it wants it now! Also, your prices are better than the competition’s and the quality of your product is top notch. If you already have these ingredients, ClickBrainiacs will give you the rest of the recipe, it’s all about viral content! You will need to use your awesome marketing skills to pull this off though. First of all you will need to know exactly who you want to target with your growth hacking campaign. Don’t be greedy and say that you are going to target the entire population of the world, that will only dilute your campaign and will make your content fall on deaf ears. Target a specific part of your audience, create great content and campaigns just for them and make them share that content to their friends.

For example, let’s just say that you are selling a cool wearable gadget, something really trendy and that is packed with functions that your competitors don’t have yet. You already have a community build around your Facebook Page and now you want to engage that community and get more sells. If that is the case then the way in which you can employ growth hacking is simple. Just start a contest on your page and make people compete for a few prizes by posting pictures of them using your product and making their friends vote for them in the competition.

This way, more people will learn about your products and your brands, it will cost you cost to nothing, and you will see your traffic skyrocket for the entire duration of this contest. But if you want to have retention and keep those new fans close, then you will have to up your Social Media game and keep them engaged with top notch quality content and great offers. Growth hacking is a great way in which you can gain new fans, new customers and great traffic using a close to nothing sum of money. Try it for yourself and tell us what happened!

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