Want more quality leads? (don’t make these 5 PPC mistakes)

PPC campaigns are a result of data, customer behavior, solving the need of the users, a relevant massage and targeting the right audience. Have your previous PPC activities lacked in performance?

To improve your efforts for the next time, here are 5 PPC mistakes you should steer away from:

1.You are not using new features

The online world has evolved, users are more educated and more demanding. In PPC campaigns, you must use new ad features to properly reach the different types of audiences you are targeting.

Next time your craft your campaign, think about using AdWords call only ads, sponsored InMail on LinkedIn, Facebook lead capture ads, Instagram stories ads etc. The personality of your targeted audience will help you craft the right message and choose the right channels.


2.You don’t pay attention to intent signals

The performance of your PPC campaign can be drastically affected if you aren’t taking into account the intent signals. You must acknowledge the various ways people are engaging with your brand and where they are in the sales funnel.This will help you align your ad to different stages in the sales funnel.

For more qualified leads, concentrate your attention towards the middle of the funnel. And naturally, to improve sales focus on people who finds themselves at the bottom of the funnel (they are the users who will become customers).

3.You neglect other devices

Yes, we live in a mobile era and you optimize your PPC campaign for mobile. It’s a sure bet.

But what if you are missing out on other opportunities and possible leads if you don’t invest your efforts in a desktop PPC campaign? Working with different CTA will you bring your products or services in front of a wider audience and the higher the chances sales will grow.

4.You ignore click fraud

It can’t happen to me. Did you ever stop to think that all your hard work is being affected by click fraud?

Use our ClickBrainiacs software to prevent and stop click fraud before it happens. This unique software was developed as a security extension for AdWords and PPC platforms. It’s a wise investment for the benefit, health and success of your business.

5.Your message doesn’t match

When people click on your ad they expect to see the same message and image (slightly differently arranged) on the landing page.  This will let them know that they have followed the right path.

PPC campaigns need thorough analysis, a taste of creativity and simplicity in the ad copy to deliver the right message to the targeted audience. Today, we have highlighted some common mistakes that may have diminished the performance of your PPC campaigns.

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