Thinking about closing your AdWords account? (here are the risks you are exposing yourself to)

Has it recently crossed your mind to close your AdWords or stop investing in the services of an advertising agency? You may have a reasonable motive like you can’t handle the orders to fully supply the demands generated by the ads. Or maybe it’s a cost-saving measure.

Whatever it is, if you decide to cut some corners, you must know the dangers that can occur before shutting down your AdWords account.

What happens if you don’t invest anymore in your Google AdWords account?

1.Wasted Ad Spend

Maybe the most obvious consequence is wasted ad spend. Up till now, someone was taking caring of your account and making adjustments to eliminate irrelevant PPC traffic. The person in charge of your account would analyze data and use negative keywords management to help you avoid paying for irrelevant clicks.

You know what the irony is? You attempt to save money by terminating your PPC activities, but in fact it ends up costing you money.

2.Missed opportunities and a boost for the competition

When your AdWords account is not supervised anymore, a major risk implies missing new opportunities. Maybe one of the headlines used has a good performance, but if someone doesn’t manage this information it will go to waste.

Just because you stopped using PPC campaigns, doesn’t mean your competition will do the same. Another consequence of not investing in your AdWords account means that your targeted audience will buy from your “neighborly” competitor.

Moreover, if you decide to get back into the game, you might never catch up with the competition.

3.Missing out on the benefits that might have come with new features in AdWords

AdWords offers new features from time to time. Maybe one of them would have brought you the advantage you were hoping for.  Unfortunately, if your account isn’t active you can’t leverage them for your own benefit.

4.Back to the drawing board

If you decide to come back and reopen or sign-up for an AdWords account at the advertising agency, they will have to start all over again. Creating a new account will mean more time to gain new data and consequently more money.

Take a step back and look at the bigger picture. Is really ceasing PPC activities the best solution that will bring your business back on track? If the problem is it in production area that maybe you should upgrade your production process.

And more thing. Think about the advantage you will freely give to your competition.

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