Do you want more relevant AdWords Ads? (try these 3 tips)

PPC campaigns imply a continuous process that involves data, customers and products or services. How to remain relevant to your targeted audiences? Don’t ever stop paying attention to your customers and engaging with them. One way to proceed in this manner is by keeping a close eye on the quality score reporting.

How does Google do the math?

When crunching the numbers for the Quality Score, Google takes into consideration 3 facts: the ad relevance, the landing page experience and the prospect CTR. The quality score can be found at the keyword level in your Google AdWords account.

How to improve your AdWords Ad relevance?

1.Keep you eye on the relevance aspect of your AdWords Ads

The main goal still remains. Tell customers how you can help them solve their problems.

If you want to improve the relevance, insert the keywords into the ad copy in the most natural way possible. This approach will ensure that the ad copy and keyword are in sync and are touching the problem in a humane manner. It’s a genuine way to improve the keyword relevance. Keep these in mind when inserting the keywords into headline, body and display URL. Moreover, discover if the keywords are still important to the ad groups. If not remove them or create a new group to put them to a better use.

2.How is your landing page experience?

The main focus Google has and everything this machine does online is about offering the best user experience possible.

If your landing page respects this idea, the higher the chances the clicks will lead to conversions.

For a successful landing page, the product must be shown in a clear manner and users should navigate seamlessly on it. The more relevant the content of the landing page will be to the user (through the connection between the keywords and ad copy), the higher the quality score will be.

To improve your AdWords Ad, make sure the landing page loads fast both on the desktop and mobile versions. Remember, AdWords can help you review the performance of landing pages from a mobile perspective. To drive more conversions, the copy found on the landing page must have a clear message that tells the user what will happen next once they performed an action. This will also help improve the user experience that Google is so fond of.

3.Is the prospect or estimation of your CTR realistic?

AdWords can do the numbers to offer a prospect or an expected CTR. This type of CTR (which is different from the CTR in the AdWords account) is calculated by how the keyword performs in the account along with other advertisers’ accounts. There a lot of variables that can lead to a low CTR. How to solve this issue?

Use negative keywords to prevent your ads from appearing in irrelevant search queries. In addition, concentrate on applying the most appropriate match types for your products or services. Negative keywords and the right match types will improve your quality score.

Focusing on these 3 elements will help you make your PPC campaign more relevant and stay close to your targeted audiences.

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