Optimizing a landing page for phone calls (5 efficient tips to use)

A phone call button in your landing page, maybe  the easiest way to generate leads that turn to conversions. We live in a mobile era. It’s true we use out phone to send emails, check social media pages and get in touch with the latest news.  

But let’s get back to the basics, why do you need a smartphone? To talk to people and to get in touch with your customers. It goes both ways. Phone calls make it easier for people to reach you and helps both parties involve to save time and get more efficient results.

So, how do we optimize a landing page for phone calls?

1.Click to call

People use their mobile phone to browse the web, whether it’s for informational purposes, whether it’s for commercial purposes. Of course, this has an impact of how people react and interact with landing pages.

A click-to-call button is engaging and it also tells Google you are in it to offer a quality user experience.

Moreover, potential customers will be only a click way closer to contacting you. Adding a click-to-call button will give the users the nudge they need to engage with you. Don’t forget to make the button visible and crystal clear that it’s clickable for users (code it into the page).

landing page phone calls

2.The call-to-action must be simple and clear

If you want to improve the engagement level of your potential customers, all you need is a clear and effective call-to-action.

To be effective, keep things simple. Tell people what you want in the most natural way you can think of. A simple phrase will make a good impression on the users because you will be perceived as sincere and willing to help. A basic CTA on every landing page, in which you ask people up-front to call you, is sincere and efficient.

When it comes to the design area, the key is to make the CTA clear and immediately visible for everyone. If you want to know the best place to expose it, you will need to test or, better said, A/B test. You can find appropriate free tools online to A/B test calls-to-action. Don’t forget to play with the colors (they have different impacts on the human mind) and choose the most efficient one for you.

3.The screen size is of vital importance

When creating your CTA’s design, the most important thing to keep in mind is that is must be visible for various screen sizes. What works for desktop, might not be eye-catching for mobile. Try applying a separate mobile usability strategy and not just rely on adaptive designs for landing pages.

4.Keep things subtle

Besides being clear, the tone of voice and the way the phone CTA is placed within the design of the page must be subtle. If you use this approach, people who arrive on the landing page will see the contact information at first glance, but the phone CTA won’t seem “desperate” to attract their attention.

5.Use a Call-Back widget

A missed call might become a missed opportunity. But things don’t necessarily have to be this way.  Add a call-back widget asking people to leave their number so they can be contacted by a company’s representative. In the long run, it call help improve the conversation rate. You can find different free phone tracking platforms online to implement this strategy.

Adding a click-to-call button on your landing page can make things simpler for the user and help him decide to use your services or buy your product. It’s a user experience feature you should take advantage of to appear trustworthy and willing to help anytime. More engagement leads to more conversions.

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