How to run a successful Google AdWords Express campaign (5 tips to get better results)

Are you at the beginning of a business venture? Then, you should think about using Google AdWords Express, which can be considered an accessible way to enter in the field of pay-per-click (PPC) advertising.

It’s not as complex as Google AdWords, but it’s enough for small business to reach their goals.

They are 4 steps to go through in order to set up AdWords Express:

– Choose your business category

– Create an ad

– Choose your target locations

– Set your daily or monthly budget

Then let technology do the hard work.

Now that things are in motion, let’s take a look at 5 tips for a successful AdWords Express campaign.

  1. Begin with a small budget

Be witty and rational when it comes to the budget. Also, be aware that you should take some assumed risks at the beginning. Google AdWords Express let us get things started with a small monthly budget. But you should still invest time in the bidding and keyword areas, so Google can understand how to spend your budget.

Why? To begin with, there is limited visibility over bids within AWE. Even more important, the ads you create can appear either in traditional Google search results or on Google Maps.Start with a reasonable figure, until you discover what ads are doing their job. One more thing. In Google AdWords Express, the keyword match type you can work is broad match. That means your ads will appear in a more extended search query (using relevant variations of your keywords) related to your products and services.

With a small budget at the beginning, you can take hits without a lot of repercussions


  1. Work on the Quality Score

To improve your AdWords Express campaign, you should still try to increase your Quality Score (even though it won’t bring the quality score in the same manner as the complex Google AdWords). That doesn’t mean it loses its significance.  The essence remains the same. When crafting the ad copy be relevant to your targeted audiences so Google can ensure that the user experience matches expectations when consumers arrive on your site.

How can you improve your quality score?

– your landing pages must be relevant to the ads you are displaying;

– create an appealing and eye-catching ad copy to optimize for a high CTR;

– improve the user experience on your site to drive conversions after they click your ad.

  1. Be smart in choosing your keywords

After selecting your business category, Google will provide you with a list of keywords related with the field of work. Use critical eyes to choose the most appropriate keywords for your business. This way you can create a more relevant ad copy for your targeted audience and attract more clicks. Also, you have the option switch off some of Google’s suggested keywords. Eliminate the irrelevant keywords before starting the campaigns.  This way you can prevent a poor click-through rate that can have a negative impact on your quality score.

  1. Use Geotargeting and Ad Scheduling

Geotargeting will help you attract the right people and spend your budget effectively. How so? Choosing the appropriate parameters will increase the relevance of your products or services both to the users and to Google.

Ad Scheduling means you understand the lifestyle of your targeted audience. Moreover, you will know when your ads should appear in the user’s eyes and catch his attention. The right schedule adapted to the right people can bring more conversions.

  1. Enable Call Reporting

Users navigate and purchase more and more through their smartphones. Businesses with a local presence should take advantage of the ‘Add call clicks’ option. If you insert free call-tracking numbers into your ads, the higher the chances users will engage with your business. In addition, it will help you improve your customer service.

Use these tips to increase the performance of your Google AdWords Express campaign. Even if AdWords Express is less complex that doesn’t mean you can obtain great results and reach your goals (it has a solid basis especially for small businesses).

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