Do you have a small PPC budget? (6 efficient tips you can use)

The personality of your business is of vital importance, due to the fact that clicks are less or more expensive depending on the area of expertise. Now, you realized that you have a small PPC budget? Don’t lose your cool!

There are some nifty ways to get the most with what you have at your disposal. Here is where creativity, wittiness and analytical skills come in.

Let’s take a look at 6 tips you should take into consideration when you have a small PPC budget

  1. Go for brand terms in the bidding strategy

It’s always a safe bet to bid on brand, especially when working with a modest budget. First of all, branded clicks are almost always less expensive. Moreover, remember that brand search campaigns can bring you one of the highest quality scores.

  1. Google Display Network is your friend

Google Display Network (GDN) is an excellent method to target the right people while they are navigating in the online universe. It’s a useful tool to present your message at the right place and at the right time.

Another advantage of GDN? In some situations, it’s way less competitive. Depending on the type of business you own, the cost per click will be less expensive on the GDN than on Google Search Network. Your display ads can be simple text ads or more engaging with images or video.

Be witty in the placement, targeting and excluding sites. This way Google Display Network can help you obtain pretty good results within a small PPC budget.

  1. Remarketing

It goes without saying that remarketing is one of the best ways to stay in the user’s attention and keep him a warm lead. Remarketing and Google Display Network provide the right combination to use when money is short. Why? It can generate good results with cheap clicks.

  1. Be smart with ad scheduling

Here is where you can cut some corners. Analyze and understand who is your target audience and their online behavior. This way you can decide when your ads will show. Is your audience navigating more in the first part of the day or after they leave the office? You can turn the ads off or lower your bids (even by 50%) after a certain hour or depending of the moment of day.

  1. Stay local

Local searches are more and more important. You need to make people acknowledge how close you are to them. It’s will be more efficient for you to stay local and target only the city you have your business in.  The higher the chances will be to attract the right customers.

  1. Have you used call-only campaigns before?

The key to success is to offer a great mobile user experience. Make things even easier for people on the go by using call-only ads (add a simple call button). Call-only ads appear in the mobile search results for mobile devices that can make calls. If a person is interested, he is just a click way closer to engaging with you.

A small PPC budget doesn’t mean you can’t have good results. It just needs a little more hard work, a more analytical eye on the data and exploring your creativity to drive conversions.

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