Automate your PPC this year

One of the most important PPC trends in 2018 talks about artificial intelligence (AI). But there are still steps need to be made in order for everyone to use AI in managing an entire AdWords account. That is why for the time being you should use a more specific Al to solve a specific task or problem and automate just parts of an AdWords account.

How to choose what tasks should be automated? Make a list of the tasks at hand and the frequency you do them. The tasks that you do on a regular basis and consume a lot of your time may be the ones you should automate.

How to automate?

1.Bidding rules

Maybe the handiest automation is a tool already found in Google, namely automated bid management. AdWords can already be of service if you bid for a “bid to top of page’ rule. Unfortunately, a general recipe for success doesn’t exist when it comes to making PPC decisions. A lot of variables are at stake. In the example above, maybe you want add the quality score of the keyword or anything else that comes in your mind. Now, you may need to go further than a simple bid rule from Google and look for some alternatives.

2.Automated Rules

Automated Rules can be the element that helps you evolve in the automation process. They give you more mobility, there is no extra cost involved, but you should invest more thought time. These type of rules are ideal for automations that are simple in nature. The downside is you can run your rules up to once per day and for some tasks it’s not frequent enough.

3.AdWords Scripts

We go another step in the automation process with AdWords Scripts. This type of Javascript is hosted in an AdWords account. Why should you use AdWords Scripts? Because you can automate things even by the hour, along different AdWords accounts (work best on mostly medium sized accounts). Moreover, Scripts can be used for free and comes in handy when you want to prototype ideas.

If you to make you work easier and be more productive at the same time, you should automate tasks in PPC, but in a witty and logical manner. Automating more of your PPC will help ease the transition towards AI.

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