Do you want to improve your clicks on local search ads? (Here’s what you have to do)

Our lifestyle and our customer’s lifestyle are online. But I venture further to say that our lifestyle is mobile. And mobile means more accurate and attractive local search ads.

Through local search ads you must meet expectations and understand the user’s needs at any hour in any day. As you might expect, the search campaigns in Google AdWords show the mobile and desktop experience act differently. How? The closer the person is to the store location, the relevant the mobile ads must be to seal the deal.

How does distance impact CTR and CPC in local search advertising

The influence the distance has on the click-through rate(CTR) is logical and implies common sense. The CTR is higher the closer a consumer is to the physical location. And, in this scenario, mobile CTRs are higher than desktop CTRs. To stay on top of the situation be sure your data is accurate and up to date.

When it comes to cost per click (CPC) by device things might be more interesting. Of course, in the equation we must add the quality score. CPCs are their lowest for mobile the closer the people are to the store. Relevancy is the factor that leads to lower CPCs. When the distance from the store grows, CPCs are going up for mobile. But, when the distance from the store grows, the desktop CPCs don’t see a major transformation, they just steady decrease.

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Do you want to improve your clicks on local search ads? Use these 3 tips:

1.Relevant experiences

The key to success lies in relevancy. The schedule of the store must be up to date, the landing page must be mobile-friendly. You must take advantage of the tools and various extensions to increase relevancy for consumers. And offer them the most relevant answer, at the right time, in any place they might be.

2.Acknowledge the customers’ interactions with your business

The data within AdWords and other tools should help understand the customer’s interaction with your business. If consumers are closer to your location should you be bidding higher? And if they are close to your store, add a call to action to your landing page in order to nudge them in your shop.

3.Use the data from Customer Relationship Management (CRM) in your favor

Understand your customer base and think about how you can offer a more relevant experience for your customers. The key approach is this. Become aware of how CRM data relates to your customers’ expectations and not yours. What is in their best interest?

Local searches and mobile experience are the main topics you must focus on. In order to improve your clicks on local search ads, be relevant, think about the customer’s behavior and the interaction he has with your business.

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