What you need to know about call tracking (why it is important for PPC)

What is the most important thing to know in when it comes to PPC? The leads! More accurately, the number of leads and where they are coming from.
But, what is more important, the quantity or the quality of the leads? Call tracking can help you perceived clearly the good leads. In the end, to make a long story short, call tracking is important for tracking conversions.

call tracking

Is your PPC client using call tracking? If you’re an account manager, here’s how call tracking can help you.
1.Fresh and insightful data
If clients are using a call tracking software, like CallRail, you will be able to see each call one by one, the duration of each and the location of the person who contacted your client. Moreover, you will able to observe the keyword level data with match type.
This will make you see, as an account manager, that you need a new approach. The lead volume is going to become second, the main approach now is to distinguish between good leads and bad leads.

Why is important for you? It brings you fresh and insightful data that you can use the adjust the budget of the account you are handling.
Think about, the length of a call can indicate a good lead because the customer’s engagement was keep for a long time.
Another way to see things, is the length of calls from different search platforms. Which browser bring you quality leads? Shouldn’t you concentrate on the search platform which brings quality leads rather than quantity leads?
2.It can help you determine the best vendor
Some clients may use a lot of marketing channels and splitting the budget adequately is of vital importance.
If one of your customers started using a call tracking program, you must invest time in completing the account he already has within your company. Maybe, you have already ready tracked calls through the client’s call center, but the calls are groups by Google Search, Google Display and PPC Lead. The call tracking software can help you pinpoint the vendor who does the job well. How? By knowing each vendor with each call and also determine the quality of the call. It will give a pretty good idea on how to adjust the budget.

Call tracking is an opportunity to acknowledge the quality leads and where they are coming from. The new data can provide the necessary base for a new approach when it comes to leads.

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