How to succeed with Google Adwords - ClickBrainiacs- click fraud detection & prevention solution
How to succeed with Google Adwords - ClickBrainiacs- click fraud detection & prevention solution
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How to succeed with Google Adwords

How to succeed with Google Adwords

12:04 05 January in Blog

Google AdWords allows you to insert your brand and products right in the middle of a customer’s buying journey.
Moreover, they will also appear right before customers decide where they buy from and what they will buy. You should focus on two chapters in the Google Adwords book – search and Google Shopping.

Let’s check out some Google Adwords tips to help you in building your own Google Adwords campaign:

Take one step at a time in the bidding area
When it comes to the bidding section try this strategy: start with the lower competition and long tail keywords. Even if this means more specific terms and a smaller search volume. The upside is that your Google Ads will more likely appear for these searches and you will spend StrategizeandPlanless while doing it. This way, you can test, test and test and slowly scale your budget and number of keywords you’re targeting.

Concentrate your attention on the negative keywords
What are negative keywords? Negative keywords tell Google which keywords you don’t want your ads to appear on.
No one likes it when they search for a product and end up with a wrong result in the search queries. You don’t want to play a part in this scenario. You want your product to be relevant for the customers and make Google lead them to your business.

Apart from the customer value, another reason to work with a negative keyword is to prevent your ad from showing on a keyword that simply isn’t profitable. A keyword that doesn’t drive sales should go on your black list. This way you can improve your return on investment

Don’t forget about your brand’s name
With all that is going while trying to build your adwords campaign, don’t forget to bid on your brand’s name. Branded keywords usually convert very nicely.

Track, track and maybe I forget to mention track!
Of course, you want to stay on top of things and acknowledge when a sale comes from one of your ads on Google Adwords. Well, no worries here. The conversion tracking tag from Google will help you attribute it to Google AdWords if this is the case. Other benefits include measuring the effectiveness of your ads and your return on ad spending.

Last but not least, optimize your landing page
The path is usually clear: choose keywords – create unique and contextual landing pages for each keyword – test different images and copy while your campaign is ongoing. If the results show low conversions, you will need to upgrade some of the elements.

The online environment is extremely competitive. So, how can you succeed in alluring the customers to you? Be creative and rational when working with Google Adwords!

Claudia Verestiuc

[email protected]
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