Tips for boosting your AdWords conversion rate

Do you have a new small business that you want to promote with the help of Google Ads? Or are you a top marketing person working for a big company that wants to sell more in the online environment? Then these tips and tricks are for you! No matter how new, old, big or small your business is, you need to learn how to better optimize your ads so that you spend smart and get a great return of investment on your ads.


Google actually helps you a lot when it comes to making your ads better. If you pay close attention tot your AdWords interface, you will observe that you can see something called AdWords quality score next to each and every one of your ads. This value helps you understand exactly how to optimize your ads so that you can be sure that Google will display them more often to a broader audience for the same budget. This metric is dependent on different factors like the copy, focusing on the right keywords, and in my opinion the most important one the ad’s extensions. If Google sees that you spent time and effort creating a relevant ad for your target audience, then it will make sure that it will be displayed more often for the same money. Having a great ad will boost your conversion rate because it will most surely stand out in a plethora of poorly written, information lacking ads. Being better than your competition will require a bit of effort, but your conversion rate will most certain give you an important incentive in spending extra time when creating your ad’s copy.

Another important tip for improving your conversion rate is your landing page. Let’s just say that you have created the perfect ad. It’s great, it gets a lot of attention, the user can get all the information he requires from it and it’s a real click magnet. But once the user gets to your landing page he is greeted by something that looks like it’s been online since the stone age of the Internet. That will most certainly hurt your conversion rate and will make you bleed both customers and money. A high-converting landing page is appealing, provides a clean and easy to use experience and also is relevant. Insert great and appealing visual content, check your landing page’s copy so that it provides relevant information for the user and most certainly don’t bombard him or her with too many call to action buttons or pop-ups, keep it clean, friendly and relevant.

These tips and also a Click Fraud prevention system like the one offered by us, ClickBrainiacs, will most certainly help you develop your brand and boost your conversion rate in the online environment!

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